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What can you expect from Dreamforce 2019?

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Lizia Prasad,

November 8, 2019

What can you expect from Dreamforce 2019?

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As the time gets closer for the flagship event of Salesforce – Dreamforce 2019, there’s more buzz online and among Salesforce community about it. For those who are new to Salesforce, Dreamforce is the biggest annual event of Salesforce, and one of the most significant technology events San Francisco has ever witnessed. This year it’s happening on November 19 – 22, where the Salesforce Community of trailblazers, customers, partners, and employees come together to share their experiences. Dreamforce 2019 is a four-action-packed-days event with a lot of learning, inspiration, innovation, giving back, and of course, a healthy dose of fun.

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So, now that you’ve got a sneak peek into Dreamforce 2019, you might be wondering what to do when you’re there or why you might want to attend. Solunus eases you with all the answers and prepares you to be part of this year’s Dreamforce. Let’s get started.

Dreamforce 2019 is going to be huge. Be prepared!

Every year it gets bigger and better. It’s the extravagant event in Technology space and hosts over 170000 attendees from different spheres – business owners, developers, salespeople, marketers, media, and other teams from multiple industries.

This year’s Dreamforce looks, even more, promising with 2700+ sessions and 50+ visionary keynotes to choose between. With such a huge gamut of sessions, it gets a little tricky to pick the right ones. As legendary Dreamforce keynotes are famous for inspiration, innovation, and motivation, you don’t want to miss on the important ones.

Here’s what we think you should do

  • Here is a list of all the inspiring Dreamforce 2019 sessions. Just scroll down all the sessions and major keynotes and start bookmarking the sessions that you think are important for you.
  • As Dreamforce addresses a lot of industries, roles, products, and levels, it gets difficult what you want to find. You can begin with your role and industry, to start with, and find the sessions that best suit your profile.

Dreamforce’19 is all about the Keynotes

The first thing that attracts people to Dreamforce is the Keynotes, and it’s no different this year. The Keynote speakers list is highly diverse, from the President of the USA to Hip Hop Artist, it can’t get any better! Dreamforce hosts thought leaders and industry pioneers who share their perspectives on a wide variety of topics. Opening with the Co-CEOs of Salesforce, Marc Benioff and Keith Block, there are 50+ visionary keynotes at Dreamforce’19.

The list of distinguished speakers includes President Barack Obama (44th President of the USA), Tim Cook (CEO, Apple), Marco Bizzarri (President and CEO, Gucci), Barbara Humpton (President and CEO, Siemens Corporation), Oscar Munoz (CEO, United Airlines), Samin Nosrat (Cookbook Author), Emilia Clarke (Actor and Founder, SameYou) and Jim Whitehurst (President and CEO, Red Hat).

Make the most out of Dreamforce’19

At Dreamforce, you get to meet the fellow Trailblazers to gain inspiration from all the other things going on at the event. You can add new certifications, learn about new tools, technologies, tips, and tricks that help your companies become more customer-centric.

But did you know this inspiration can help you perform better for your company and impact the ROI? Salesforce demonstrates that the vast majority of past attendees have claimed to get a return on their investment. 96% of attendees said business improvements outweighed the cost of going to Dreamforce. And a 38 per cent increase in sales productivity, a 29 per cent increase in marketing campaign effectiveness, a 20 per cent increase in customer retention, and a 58 per cent faster integration, a 32 per cent in employee productivity.

Here’s what we think you should do

  • To calculate the stats more specific to your business, you can use Salesforce’s Dreamforce ROI Calculator. The page will guide you to fill in your necessary details relating to your business/role and what areas you’re looking to improve by attending the Dreamforce. The calculation includes the cost of Dreamforce full conference pass, airfare, and a four-night hotel in San Francisco.
  • Once you are at Dreamforce, don’t forget to be a part of the Trailhead Zone. Explore demos to update yourself on the latest Salesforce technologies, meet Community Leaders and product experts, and talk about ways to discover how Trailhead helps you add new skills.
  • Get to know hundreds of partners offering innovative ways to help you transform business at Customer Success Expo and Campground. You will get a chance to meet Salesforce product experts and test drive thousands of customer success solutions along with hands-on workshops.

Ways to give back at Dreamforce

Giving back to the community makes a whole lot difference anyone could ever imagine. Marc Benioff was inspired by General Colin Powell to include philanthropy into Salesforce. Thus ‘giving’ has become a part of Salesforce’s DNA. Marc’s model for giving back is 1-1-1, meaning 1% of the product, 1% of founding equity, and 1% of the employee’s time.

Every year at Dreamforce, Salesforce partners with different non-profit organizations to allow the attendees to make a difference to our community. A few of the organizations are UCSF Benioff Children’s Hospitals, Oakland and San Francisco Unified School Districts, Hamilton Families, Children of Shelters, Bay Area Workforce Development, Marin Country Day School.

How can you be a part of Giving Back at Dreamforce’19?

  • You can get involved with any of the organizations mentioned above and get the opportunity to give back. This year, there are more than 8000 non-profit organizations that are registered, higher education institutions, and grant-making foundations from across the USA and 20 other countries.
  • You can either pack ‘Night-Night’ kits for homeless Veterans’ children or sign up to be a Green Angel to educate sustainability on campus. Whichever way, find a reason to give.

Let yourself loose and cherish the extravagance

After all the numerous power breakfasts and meetups, and post long three-day learning, it’s time to let yourself loose and party with the Trailblazers. Dreamforce gives multiple opportunities to network with the array of parties, the ultimate one being Dreamfest.

This year, Fleetwood Mac would be performing at Dreamfest. It’s not just all about fun and music, but it’s a fundraiser event benefitting UCSF Children’s Hospitals, Oakland, CA. To date, together, Salesforce has raised $73 million to support our communities. This way, you are actually giving while ‘partying.’

Here’s what we think you should do

  • Don’t care what everyone thinks and squeeze out every drop of fun. If you could, extend your stay by a few days (if you are flying from faraway places to San Francisco) and explore the place.

Salesforce Acquisitions and Dreamforce’19

With all its acquisitions going big in 2019, we expect Salesforce would revolve its agenda around these acquisitions. Acquisitions include a diverse segment of technologies like service software, Artificial Intelligence start-ups and more. Below is the acquisitions’ list.

Salesforce Acquisitions and Dreamforce’19

Different ways to lower your Dreamforce’19 costs

  • If you are not from San Francisco, then you might be interested in the list of official Dreamforce hotels where you can book at negotiated prices.
  • We’ve got you covered on your travel, check here for the cheapest flights to Dreamforce’19.
  • If you are planning for certifications, Dreamforce’19 is the place. You can get 50% off on certifications.
  • You might as well try for a free way to attend the Dreamforce ‘19 with expo pass (though limited access).
  • Get the latest updates on behind the scenes and tips for newcomers on The Road to Dreamforce, live-streamed web series.


Rejuvenate yourself and come back more efficient, more creative, more inspired to do the smart work. Now that your management has invested, they’d want to see it in the form of ROI, and I’m sure the least would be a 10 per cent increase. It’s often said that Dreamforce is year-long learning packed into a four-day event. With so much happening this year at Dreamforce, you can’t help but refresh and reset your system. Any questions on Dreamforce 2019 or Salesforce in general, don’t hesitate to contact Solunus.

Having said it all, I here now pronounce, ‘Go forth, and conquer Dreamforce’19.’

About Solunus:

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