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Salesforce for the Healthcare Industry

Unlock the Tremendous Potential for Revenue Growth

Make best use of novel cloud-based Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solutions to deliver top-notch, the highly-personalized experiences to your patients at every stage of their healthcare journey. Facilitate effective collaboration among your different teams by enabling seamless exchange of data. Leverage analytics capabilities at the cutting-edge to get the right, timely insights to empower smart engagement and enhance care effectiveness in a big way, while minimizing operational expenditures.  

Team up with our Salesforce veterans to use the powerful features of the innovative healthcare CRM platform to forge enduring relationships. Utilize their unparalleled expertise to enjoy stellar revenue growth in a highly affordable manner.


Salesforce Solutions for Healthcare Organizations

Ensure Excellent Patient Experiences with Salesforce’s Healthcare CRM Solutions to Enjoy Exponential Growth

360o Patient Views

Utilize the latest advances in analytics technology to get a comprehensive view of each patient to deliver the right medical care solution with high levels of efficacy.

Real-time Patient Communication

Leverage state-of-the-art Salesforce tools to enable your medical team to interact with patients effectively and provide the right advice at the right time.

Seamless EHR Integration

Connect your Salesforce system with your Electronic Health Record (EHR) database easily to get the big picture of all activities pertaining to delivery of treatment.

Robust Healthcare Automation

Make the best use of user-friendly no-code tools to automate the processes of your healthcare organization to boost operational efficiency and reduce costs considerably.

Absolute Data Security

Provide complete protection to confidential patient and healthcare data using Salesforce Shield and other best-in-the class information security capabilities.

Automated Service Delivery

Assign customer issues to reps with the right skills automatically and equip them with all the information and tools needed to provide speedy, effective solutions.


Benefits of Hiring Team Solunus for Healthcare Firms

Empower the Perfect Patient Journey to Maximize Satisfaction and Revenue

  • Partner with Salesforce implementation experts who helped meet diverse healthcare CRM needs. 
  • Benefit from our strong focus on comprehending your unique needs to develop the right solution. 
  • Come up with solid process automation frameworks for your healthcare business. 
  • Enjoy optimal value from our highly transparent pricing structures that have no undisclosed costs. 
  • Leverage our proven capabilities to design robust mechanisms for seamless use of data.

Why Solunus

Reliable Salesforce Partner with a consistent 5/5 Customer Satisfaction (CSAT) Score

100% Salesforce Certified Professionals

Diverse Industrial Expertise

Cleanly Outlined Service Level Agreements

Innovative, Cost-effective Proprietary Solutions

Defined well-written documents or direct training sessions

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Frequently Asked Questions

Salesforce helps telecom firms use the latest technology to automate their processes, and thereby, cut costs considerably and enjoy high levels of efficiency. It enables the firms to provide their clients, sales and service reps, agents and retail partners with secure, seamless access to all the information they require in real time to facilitate cohesive, hyper-personalized customer experiences.

Salesforce Communications Cloud is a novel CRM solution designed to meet the specific needs of the telecom sector.