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Salesforce for BFSI Firms

Make the Best Use of Real-time Data to Produce Profits

Today, banking and financial institutions are facing numerous challenges when it comes to CRM including meeting customer expectations, data security, process inefficiencies, and UX obstacles. And, overcoming these is crucial for enhancing your CRM, improving customer experiences, and driving your business growth.

Our experts at Solunus will design a suite of comprehensive Salesforce solutions to empower investment and wealth management firms to realize business goals efficiently. By integrating Salesforce CRM, your BFSI firm unlock benefits such as elevated customer engagement, enhanced financial advisor productivity, and reduced operational costs. By strategically leveraging our Salesforce solutions, you can streamline operations, fortify customer relationships, and deliver personalized experiences for overall success.


Custom Salesforce Services for BFSI Businesses

Innovative Salesforce Solutions that Propel the Success of Manufacturers

Optimize Your Business Insights with Data Mastery

Unlock the Power of Accurate Product Demand Forecasting, Comprehensive 360-Degree Customer Views, Proactive Asset Management, and Innovative Product Development, All Fueled by Data Excellence.

Boost Operational Efficiency and Cut Costs Effectively

Automate Processes, Foster Collaborative Partnerships, Streamline Transactions, and Ensure a Unified Financial Data Flow for Peak Operational Performance.

Navigate Regulatory Compliance and Uphold Social Responsibility

Safeguard Customer Confidentiality, Prevent Financial Crime, Fulfill Fiduciary Duties, and Embrace Eco-Friendly, Paperless Business Operations.

Elevate Customer Satisfaction with Exceptional Service

Seamless Transactions, Instant Information Access with Portals and Mobile Apps, Tailored Product Offerings for Segmented Customers, and Targeted Offers Through Inter-Departmental Data Integration.

Robust Contract Management

Assign customer issues to reps with the right skills automatically and equip them with all the information and tools needed to provide speedy, effective solutions.5

Automated Service Delivery

Assign customer issues to reps with the right skills automatically and equip them with all the information and tools needed to provide speedy, effective solutions.


Benefits of Hiring Solunus for Manufacturers

Empower the Rapid, Affordable Growth of your Manufacturing Business

  • Elevate Your Business with Expert Implementation Support that includes Effortless Data Migration, Comprehensive User Training, and Effective Change Management.
  • Leverage Solunus’ Dynamic Salesforce Capabilities for Personalized Marketing, Automated Customer Service, and a Seamless Omnichannel Experience. 
  • Streamline Workflows, Automate Processes, Integrate Seamlessly and transform your business BFSI Operations for Unparalleled Operational Excellence with our Salesforce expertise.
  • Unleash the Power of Customization, Regulatory Compliance, Seamless Integration, and Bespoke Applications with Our Salesforce Expertise.
  • Harness the Insightful Expertise of Solunus with Proven Experience. Gain Tailored Solutions and Best Practices to Optimize Your Salesforce Implementation. 

Why Solunus

Reliable Salesforce Partner with a consistent 5/5 Customer Satisfaction (CSAT) Score

100% Salesforce Certified Professionals

Diverse Industrial Expertise

Cleanly Outlined Service Level Agreements

Innovative, Cost-effective Proprietary Solutions

Defined well-written documents or direct training sessions

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Frequently Asked Questions

Salesforce helps telecom firms use the latest technology to automate their processes, and thereby, cut costs considerably and enjoy high levels of efficiency. It enables the firms to provide their clients, sales and service reps, agents and retail partners with secure, seamless access to all the information they require in real time to facilitate cohesive, hyper-personalized customer experiences.

Salesforce Communications Cloud is a novel CRM solution designed to meet the specific needs of the telecom sector.