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Salesforce for PE Firms

The private equity (PE) industry is evolving through a strategic digital transformation to maintain competitiveness and drive unparalleled value creation. PE Firms are harnessing advanced technologies like big data analytics, AI, machine learning, and cloud solutions to elevate operational efficiency and enhance customer experiences. Recognizing the pivotal role of digital maturity, private equity firms are channeling investments into digitization for sustained growth and differentiation.

Uniquely positioned to support this evolution, Our Salesforce’s Private Equity Practice offers tailored services in central partnership management, digital value creation advisory, and portfolio performance insights. Dive into the transformative journey, where EBITDA growth and accelerated value creation within portfolio companies are at the forefront of our solutions.


Custom Salesforce Solutions for PE Businesses

Maximize Portfolio returns with Central Partnership Management

Unlock EBITDA Growth and Accelerate Portfolio Value with Expert Partnership Management, Digital Advisory, and Performance Insights.

Enhance Customer Loyalty and Operational Efficiency

Our Salesforce solutions helps you boost customer retention, streamline information, ensures seamless data access, and facilitates mobile accessibility.

Elevate PE Firm Success with Our Salesforce Financial Services Support

Unlock our Salesforce capabilities for wealth management and investment banking to enhance your client relationships and raise your service standards.

Unlock Growth with Customized Innovation and Strategic Insights

Our Salesforce experts offer tailored Innovation and Thought Leadership insights, Guiding Private Equity Firms to Overcome Challenges and Thrive in the Era of Digital Transformation.

Robust Contract Management

Assign customer issues to reps with the right skills automatically and equip them with all the information and tools needed to provide speedy, effective solutions.5

Automated Service Delivery

Assign customer issues to reps with the right skills automatically and equip them with all the information and tools needed to provide speedy, effective solutions.


Why Solunus for Private Equity Business?

  • Utilize our Portfolio Management Solutions to Simplify Tracking Metrics, Centralize Operational Data, and Enhance Communication with Portfolio Company Executives, enabling your private equity firm to Monitor and Optimize Investments Effectively
  • Harness the Power of our Salesforce expertise to Track KPIs, Generate Comprehensive Reports on Investment Performance, Deal Flow, Fundraising, and Critical Metrics. 
  • We help you streamlines investor relationship management by tracking investments, facilitating communication, and providing secure access to investment information, ensuring alignment and fostering trust between parties
  • Utilize Salesforce to streamline the deal pipeline, from tracking potential acquisitions and evaluating targets to managing due diligence processes. Stay ahead by sourcing new deals through industry trend tracking and target identification. 
  • Our Salesforce experts help you track potential investors, execute targeted campaigns, and analyze fundraising data seamlessly. Streamline your fundraising process for quicker and more successful deal closures.

Why Solunus

Reliable Salesforce Partner with a consistent 5/5 Customer Satisfaction (CSAT) Score

100% Salesforce Certified Professionals

Diverse Industrial Expertise

Cleanly Outlined Service Level Agreements

Innovative, Cost-effective Proprietary Solutions

Defined well-written documents or direct training sessions

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