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Powering the Growth of Electrical Equipment Firms with Robust Data Solutions

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Phani Madhav Chegu,

January 10, 2024

Powering the Growth of Electrical Equipment Firms with Robust Data Solutions

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Solunus’ rich experience in providing state-of-the-art Salesforce solutions allows it to help electrical equipment makers use data to maximize profits.

It’s common knowledge seamless, timely access to data plays a key role in helping businesses make sound decisions that propel growth. Unfortunately, many manufacturers of electrical machinery are unable to fully exploit their customer and marketing data to meet their revenue goals.

Specialists at Solunus provide solutions to the problem by helping the equipment makers track end-to-end flows of business data. The CREST Salesforce partner’s engineers enable manufacturing organizations to get the big picture of the data to develop winning sales plans.

“Modern manufacturing companies utilize several hundred IT tools; if they’re not connected properly, the businesses can face serious problems due to formation of data silos. So, it’s very important electrical equipment makers ensure smooth flow of data across all systems and empower their people to use the data to produce the desired results. We help organizations link different software platforms rapidly, with minimal expenditure. Our solutions allow the firms to enjoy full visibility throughout the customer journey – from receipt of the Request for Proposal (RFP) to delivery of machinery to after-sales service, they can monitor all developments in real time and initiate suitable measures to delight customers and maximize revenues,” says Vamsi Thiyyagura, a veteran business analyst at Solunus.     

The ability of our people to simplify data structures goes a long way in helping electrical equipment manufacturers use the information in their Salesforce databases effectively. It also enables companies to reduce their data management costs significantly.

“Simplified data structures are the key to successful business operations. Many machinery manufacturers spend huge amounts of time and money collecting information about prospective clientele and market conditions. However, overly-complex data structures create various issues in processing the information preventing the manufacturing companies from acquiring useful insights,” observes Mounisha Surapaneni, a Technical Lead at Solunus. “We help electrical equipment makers reduce their data complexities by ensuring only necessary fields are retained. Our team also puts proper checks in place to restrict entry of information only in the prescribed format. This results in ensuring high levels of consistency and cleanliness of the data.”

We design reporting frameworks that allow managers to make sense of huge volumes of data in their Salesforce system quickly, with little effort. The frameworks enable swift, effective decisions that produce the desired results.

“It’s NOT THE LACK OF DATA BUT THE INABILITY TO USE IT IN TIME that contributes to poor business decisions. Our AI specialists provide tailor-made solutions to resolve this problem. They develop mechanisms that utilize analytics tools at their cutting-edge to enable electrical equipment manufacturers to come up with plans to enhance productivity. For instance, one of our customers uses historical customer service data to accurately predict when there would be a spurt in requests from users of its industrial refrigerators. This allows the company to optimally use its field service resources, maximizing productivity and cost-savings,” explains Onesh Reddy Kaipa, a seasoned data technologist at Solunus.

The expertise in delivering data solutions that fully align with the unique needs of each manufacturer enables Solunus to ensure the highest ROI — the organization’s team places strong emphasis on comprehending the specific information usage requirements of its clientele.

“We earnestly believe customer-centricity is all about meeting requirements; no matter how advanced and feature-rich a software product may be, it’s of little use unless it enables businesses to fulfill their needs. The razor-sharp focus of our team on catering to expectations of each of our clients empowers us to create the best value,” points out Banu Ramamurthy, the Chief Technology Officer of Solunus.

The electrical equipment industry is undergoing a profound transformation, and the transformation is powered by data. Solunus’ novel solutions enable companies in this sector to skyrocket revenues and make positive contributions to their customers’ businesses. Get ready to power the success of your firm with data.

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