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War on COVID – A Tale of Three Healthcare Organizations and Salesforce

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Phani Madhav Chegu,

September 2, 2020

War on COVID – A Tale of Three Healthcare Organizations and Salesforce

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COVID-19 – a pandemic that has profoundly affected the world; millions of people across the globe have been infected by the virus, while others have been hit hard by the devastating financial crisis unleashed by it. As doctors and other healthcare professionals continue their battle against COVID-19, effective use of information technology is playing a key role in the efforts to defeat the pandemic.

Many healthcare organizations are using Salesforce to connect with their customers and deliver better services during these times of COVID-19. Today, we will look at how 3 organizations – a biomedical giant, a world-leading medical equipment manufacturer and a well-known chain of hospitals are using Salesforce to combat the pandemic.

How Salesforce is enabling the biomedical major to help its customers battle COVID-19

Timely availability of materials required for research and smooth flow of information are critical for victory over the COVID-19 virus. The biomedical organization has customers in 45 countries and supplies them with compounds used in clinical trials of vaccine candidates. The company uses Salesforce to:

  1. Ensure customer orders are processed in time and deliver materials without delays; the company uses Salesforce to monitor the stocks of materials needed to produce the compounds, in real time, and ensure seamless production and delivery of the compounds.
  2. Create a database to monitor customer interactions and answer their queries about the latest biomedical compounds.
  3. Facilitate smooth flow of information on how the products are used; the company has created a portal to help its customers (medical research organizations) share information on how they used the compounds and ideas on fighting the pandemic.
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How the world-renowned medical equipment manufacturer is using Salesforce to help its patients use its products safely during COVID-19

Users of medical equipment such as nebulizers need to be very careful when they use the equipment during these times of COVID-19. The medical equipment manufacturer’s nebulizers are used by people in all continents. The organization is harnessing the capabilities of Salesforce to:

  1. Answer common customer queries 24X7 — the company has developed various chatbots powered by Salesforce Einstein Analytics, with the sole intent of answering questions posed by users of the nebulizers, in their respective languages. This action of the company went a long way in providing the much needed information in a timely fashion and received rich accolades from its customers.
  2. The medical equipment company also developed a mobile app called PulmoFriend using the Salesforce App Cloud. The app helps customers learn how to use products without getting infected and get information about the company’s latest products. It also enables the company to hold surveys and find out how its nebulizers are helping patients feel better, physically and emotionally. The app can be used on desktop computers as well as on mobile devices and enables patients to engage with medical experts to overcome the health challenges posed by COVID-19.

How a reputed chain of hospitals is leveraging the power of Salesforce to treat its patients faster and better

It is no exaggeration to say COVID-19 has resulted in hospitals and other healthcare providers stretching their abilities to the limit. The chain of hospitals in question too was overwhelmed by the inflow of patients. However, the company could successfully cope up with the pressure created by the pandemic, thanks to its recent implementation of Salesforce’s specialized solution for the healthcare industry viz. Salesforce Healthcare Cloud, which enabled the hospitals to:

  1. Update records of new patients very quickly into their databases and provide the right medication. Salesforce HealthCare Cloud allows the doctors at the hospitals to have all data of the patients at their fingertips; the hospitals use a third-party software application that integrates patient data in Salesforce Healthcare Cloud with their clinical databases and vice-versa, in real time. For example, the details of new patients entered in the Salesforce Healthcare Cloud are automatically updated in the clinical databases. This seamless exchange of information allows doctors to make the best use of the data; by understanding the patient’s complete medical history, they are able to provide the right support rapidly and touch base with the patients and their families effectively.
  2. Help COVID-19 patients in home quarantine take proper care. The hospitals have developed a mobile app using Salesforce App Cloud that allows the patients to connect with doctors at regular intervals, through a system of telemedicine. The data gathered during the patient interactions is updated into the Salesforce Healthcare Cloud and the clinical databases, allowing the doctors to analyze the data and come up with appropriate medications. The app is also customized to alert patients to take prescribed medicines at the specified points of time in a day.

As you can see, the 3 healthcare organizations are using Salesforce to fight COVID-19. So, would you too like to use the state-of-the-art platform to combat the pandemic? At Solunus, we can help you come up with the perfect solution to meet your needs. Our expertise in enabling healthcare organizations to harness the full potential of Salesforce will ensure success in the war against the pandemic and beyond.

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