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Unconventional yet the most important benefits of hiring a Salesforce Managed Services Provider(MSP)

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Lizia Prasad,

July 24, 2019

Unconventional yet the most important benefits of hiring a Salesforce Managed Services Provider(MSP)

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Salesforce is undoubtedly the most powerful and versatile technology used by businesses today. Why not? It offers a great variety of CRM categories and systems to meet business needs, from Sales Cloud to the recent IoT; it serves more than 150,000 customers. It helps companies of all sizes streamline their business processes and increase their revenues with award-winning account and contact management, sales automation, lead scoring, lead management, forecasting, workflow organization, analytics, and more. But similar to other impactful tools, Salesforce’s capabilities are so extensive that they may/ may not be thoroughly utilized by the businesses. Maybe due to the lack of clearly established sale process or lack of defined business goals, the tool is often underutilized.

Without the proper support and maintenance, the ROI on Salesforce could become management’s major concern. There are two options for this, either you hire a full-time Salesforce certified team (which coils back as your responsibility) or hire a Salesforce Managed Services Provider.

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Most organizations decide without completely understanding the ramifications of that very critical choice. They spend a huge amount of time and investment trying to hire a Salesforce skilled team, keeping them up and running with technology advancements, only to realize that the expertise they are looking for is far superior to the organization’s internal capabilities.

How do you make the right decision that’s crucial to the organization’s bottom line? By considering the market trends, we want to help you realize the importance of professional Salesforce Managed Services Provider that they are not a simple proposition of outsourcing the Salesforce work and getting rid of internal employees but a strategic decision to complement the core business and refocus employee efforts.

In this blog, we explore the ever-present problems faced by most organizations and enterprises as they fight this good fight of making the right choice. Let’s delve into the unique benefits (apart from reducing costs) of hiring a Salesforce Managed Services Provider.

benefits of hiring a Salesforce Managed Services Provider

Proactive Business Beneficial Innovation

Because Managed Services are for over a long period, there once was ‘the less work you do, the more money you make’ mindset, which is slowly fading away. With three new releases every year, and continually evolving and improving product lines from Salesforce, businesses need a more versatile technical team.

When Managed Services providers are taken out of the break-fix model, you’re always on the cutting edge in terms of efficiency, training, and best practices, thus protecting your tech investment. The more change is introduced into the system, the more potential work you will have for your MSP.

Innovation is not driven when the team is chasing problems and rushing out solutions to put out the figurative fires. Apart from configuring and customizing, the Managed Service Provider is continuously learning and improving on new releases and upgrades, to empower you to make forward-looking decisions.

A Managed Service Provider that drives innovation is more interested in having technology make an impact on your business and have technology dollars produce a return on investment. Understanding of your business, having a mastery of how the latest Salesforce technology works for your business and alerting you on what’s coming down the pipe is what an MSP is skilled at. And that’s the very difference that sets apart a contractor or an architect with MSP.

Bypass Hiring/Retaining Challenges

When a company has to overcome the challenges of the largest expenditures, the first department to look at is IT. Even if your company consciously decides to maintain healthy investments in Salesforce expenditures, there is an even more daunting problem to face—finding the right Salesforce skilled personnel to assure that your Org is up and running.

Salesforce technology is changing at a fast pace, and that will only continue. As a result of this, it becomes challenging for companies to recruit and train these much-needed Salesforce professionals and retain them for the long term.

A Managed Services Provider is better able to plan, manage resources, balance workload across its workforce, and allocate tasks throughout the ‘long term.’ Generally, a service provider under a managed services (outsourcing) model can deliver service at a substantially lower cost over an in-house staff.

Diverse Need-based Skill Set

Like mentioned earlier, Salesforce has an extensive product line, whether it’s Sales Cloud, Marketing Cloud, Service Cloud, Community Cloud, Einstein, IoT, and more. When it comes to Salesforce needs, you might need an admin today, and a developer, a business analyst, a technical architect some other time. Having an in-house team with defined skills will restrict you to use Salesforce for your business needs.

During the initial roll-out phase, you’d need a lot of implementation/configuration and admin help. If you decide to build out a Partner Community portal or a mobile app for your sales team, you’ll likely need some development work.

Having a wide range of skills to adapt to your changing needs is a huge advantage that Managed Services provide. It doesn’t stop there; you get access to a team with multiple perspectives for a single problem, which means an opportunity to solve business issues differently. Building on these experiences, and documenting your current processes, you can sketch the right plan for your Salesforce Org. By having access to a diverse set of talents and backgrounds, you will discover multiple ways to resolve your business issues.

In Salesforce, there are often multiple approaches to generate an intended effect, and you can figure out the shortest route. Whatever route you take, you’ll already know you’ve got the support you need to implement it.

Industrial Experience and Expertise

The most exciting part of having a Managed Services Provider is to have an innovative solution to your problem, in less time than you’ve imagined. New problems that previously took months to resolve will now be delivered in days. Having this kind of setup will not only allow you to benefit from the personal knowledge of the assigned resources, but also from the institutional knowledge of the MSP itself. The potential for proactive development is no way matchable by individual hires.

Using Solunus as an example, we’ve successfully helped a lot of organizations across different industries, so we know exactly what to do. Through helping large manufacturing, healthcare, globally scaled ones, and even Fortune 500s —we’ve developed an unprecedented knowledge base, a broader perspective of the complexities, and a general view of industry best practices. We now understand the most common pain points on the horizon, no matter where a company is in its journey.

We know Salesforce. We speak, “Salesforce.” We think in a “Salesforce” way. And that knowledge is intricated into every one of our associations, giving our clients a perspective above and beyond the usual way — it’s the view of a Salesforce native.

Alignment with the Security and Compliance

Salesforce holds customer data, and where there’s customer data, there’s compliance. Complying to regulations often means implementing and maintaining a robust security infrastructure and following a stringent protocol. When you are focused on your business, it becomes quite difficult to ensure Salesforce CRM compliance with regulations and local laws followed at different parts of the world.

Moreover, if there’s critical customer data breach or leak, it could lead to huge lawsuits along with a damaged reputation that’s difficult to recover from.

Because of the enhanced security expertise and tools of an MSP, you can reduce the costs and ensure compliance by associating with one. This way, you can reduce liability and security risks and their associated costs.

Salesforce Managed Services offer a whole host of benefits that you can leverage to enhance your business. From helping your company to scale to keep up with security and compliance regulations quickly, there is much to take advantage of when it comes to an MSP.


In short, a Managed Services Provider adapts to your needs, scales with your organization, and empowers proactive Salesforce management. In addition to lowering costs, improving flexibility, and getting input from multiple, diverse perspectives and skills, managed services are becoming the preferred system among companies today.

You can enjoy the potential benefits of managed services fully by selecting the right MSP—one that can provide skills, processes, and resources that exceed your in-house capabilities.

If you want to check how Solunus Salesforce Managed Services can help your company leverage your Salesforce Org, drop us a line — we’ll be happy to help!

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