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There’s a High Demand for Salesforce Skills. How Do You Choose Your Dream Company?

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Lizia Prasad,

May 30, 2019

There’s a High Demand for Salesforce Skills. How Do You Choose Your Dream Company?

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The demand for skilled Salesforce population is vast and increasing, how has Salesforce gained this popularity? Well, for the starters, it’s continuously named as one of the best places to work. Not just that, Salesforce is named in the recent rating of the best jobs by Indeed. Why is that different? It’s because Salesforce is the only company mentioned among the other generic roles like a machine learning engineer, full-stack developer, insurance advisor, attorney, etc. Salesforce has gone to the extent of creating such a huge demand for the people working on its platform where profiles like AWS Solution Architect and Apache Hadoop Engineer didn’t make the list. A recent International Data Corporation study forecasts a steep increase for demand in Salesforce skills by 2022, that is 3.3 million new jobs. This is paving the way to competitive salaries for Salesforce skilled workers.

These are a few among many reasons as to why Salesforce is a destination technology and company to many. Apart from being the world’s #1 CRM platform, Salesforce has been innovative in the way it deals with its customers. It has created a completely new way of connecting with customers and successfully translated that into its product development. Beyond technology and innovation, people at Salesforce primarily understand their customers’ business and potential challenges.

People who have the foresight to move into Salesforce development, have a firm grasp of their future professional career. With Salesforce, they don’t have to be intimidated of being out of a job. Salesforce is keen on innovation; it creates new and exciting specializations. These new technologies from Salesforce keep pace with modern and advanced technology trends. Meaning, Salesforce developers don’t have to worry about adding new technologies on Artificial Intelligence or blockchain to their stack. Salesforce innovates and builds these technologies into the platform for developers to seamlessly develop their applications for their business needs.

Salesforce developers are often sceptical and want to see new enhancements to help streamline their code and to extend its functionality. Hence, the platform has new releases for a product three times a year, with one code base. This helps developers to run every feature, whether new or old, on the platform. This way, developers don’t have to focus on maintenance alone but concentrate on innovation too.

No other platform, apart from Salesforce, gives the opportunity to be this innovative. Salesforce empowers developers to be creative with the platform. Developers can ideate, innovate, and solve robust business challenges by leveraging the power of the platform. It’s interesting to see how companies have added tremendous value to their companies by building new technologies on the platform. This is another unique reason for Salesforce developers to be in such a huge demand; they bring change.

In the report mentioned above from International Data Corporation research, it is also mentioned that the Salesforce economy will be more than $859 billion in new business revenues worldwide, this results in the rise of demand for the Salesforce skills. New business to Salesforce means new customers signing off contracts every single day. And that means more vacancies for Salesforce administrators, developers, and consultants. This must be encouraging if you are already working on the Salesforce platform, or looking to find the right career opportunity for yourself. If you are a fresher, by now, you might have found enough reasons to kick start your career with Salesforce.

Do you have it in you to be a good Salesforce consultant? How do you pick a right Salesforce partner?

But before that, it’s important to ask yourself if you are ready to be a consultant. Being a consultant is not for everyone. Consultants don’t have ready-made solutions for the problems, but they chalk out multiple solutions to cut the chase to the right one. Businesses hire consultants for their expertise in understanding business problems and applying the proper technical knowledge. Having said that, if you are starting your career, you need to be part of an organization that inherently has these consultant qualities and more.

Let’s drill down to understand what are the best qualities that you should look in a company before accepting the offer.

An exclusive Salesforce partner:

Experts are rare. Unlike other partners, an exclusive Salesforce partner makes a robust relationship. They have a strategic lens to see the big picture of Salesforce because they have a team who works only on Salesforce projects. You can gain immense knowledge and experience when you work with one of them.

Hands-on-experience with multiple Salesforce projects:

An experienced Salesforce partner is the greatest resource for you to invest your time. They have handled hundreds of projects before and set a defined process for success. Instead of you learning yourself, they will walk you through a developed process that works. Working with an experienced partner gives you an opportunity to embrace novelty and remain innovative.

Partner must talk Salesforce:

While certifications play a solid first step in the Salesforce world, the experience of solving problems by using the platform is perhaps even more important. You should be competent on the platform at a level to understand how to develop appropriate solutions and their impact on the Org. Get associated with the team or company that speaks and breathes Salesforce, a team that’s passionate to work with the platform. It’s not necessary that you know every feature or every product on your fingertips, but you must understand what can be achieved through Salesforce and how its presence can change your IT infrastructure. You should appreciate the platform enough to know how to leverage and apply it to solve business problems.

Exposure on different Salesforce products:

You can refer to the Salesforce partner’s website to understand the different Salesforce platforms/applications it works. The more products it supports, the better your chances are to experiment and know what you’d prefer to work on. The organization’s experience through mentors and bosses help you add more to your resume beyond what you can ever learn alone.

Review Salesforce Partner’s Performance:

Customer reviews and Customer Satisfaction Score (CSAT) are a great way to assess a Salesforce development partner’s reliability and measure its performance in the marketplace. Check for positive as well as negative comments and review what customers said about the company. This allows you to get associated with the best team. Check for customer reviews that reflect the company’s efficiency, timelines, continuous engagement, prompt and accurate delivery, number of projects completed, certifications and training, etc. Along with that, check the Glassdoor page where the employees leave their review about the company. The feedback tells you what to expect from the company.

Industry/Domain Expertise:

To advance your Salesforce journey right, it is important for you to choose a partner who has a fair understanding of multiple industries and domains and might have done similar projects in the past and can handle any business requirements efficiently. Because each and every organization is different, each project will bring new learning experiences to you. Such variety enables you to develop your Salesforce abilities and discover the most effective and customized solutions for different processes, domains, and custom components. With experience comes the domain expertise to rise above the most common challenges, eventually leading to faster implementation and better results.

Salesforce Certifications:

Above all, identify an organization that invests in its workforce. Not many of the Salesforce development partners invest in the personal development of their employees. Pick the one that takes care of employee learning. Additionally, businesses are keen on companies, whose employees hold multiple certifications. You also need to be up-to-date with the release exams, so that you are well-equipped with the latest Salesforce tools and resources.

Be ready to be a Consultant:

Consultants are not order-takers but develop a solution that best fits a business problem. If you are ready to be a consultant, be prepared to be dynamic and aggressive. Dynamic with the quick adoption to changes around and aggressive towards solving a business problem. You need to be comfortable delivering and meeting the deadlines while juggling multiple projects. Being a consultant is definitely not to the faint of heart but to those who wouldn’t want to settle down.

Salesforce opportunity awaits you

After reading the above, do you see yourself as a Salesforce consultant? If so, what do you bring to the company? Are you capable of innovating new business solutions? If you could identify a few good differentiators and value-adds, then you’re probably someone we would want to talk.

Do you have it in you to be a Salesforce consultant? Check out our current openings.

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