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The Significance of the Synergy between Salesforce (CRM) and Tableau (BI)

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Akash Mayank,

November 11, 2019

The Significance of the Synergy between Salesforce (CRM) and Tableau (BI)

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For technology companies to survive, they need to grow and innovate. Innovation can be either organic, by leveraging the internal R&D team, or inorganic, by partnering with other vendors or M&A. Mergers and acquisitions (M&A) have become standard business tools implemented by thousands of companies in the world. These M&As have always been part of Salesforce, and they are a robust support system to fueling its continued growth and innovation.

Recently, in one of the Salesforce’s latest acquisitions, the company made a strategic move and acquired Tableau. With the Tableau’s acquisition, Salesforce went beyond its usual offer and ended up paying $15.7B – a near 50 per cent premium of Tableau’s stock price at that time. A few believe that this particular acquisition is in response to Google’s acquisition of Looker for $2.6B. For all the above reasons, this acquisition is arguably the most strategic move the company has made. It emphasizes the mission of the company to offer a 360-degree view of the customer and become a forefront player in business intelligence and analytics. Even though MapAnything and ClickSoftware were also Salesforce latest acquisitions, Tableau obviously stood out in the news.

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One of the biggest challenges in technology is to make databases and spreadsheets understandable to business stakeholders. In fact, insights-driven businesses are growing at an average of more than 30% each year. Tableau, a business intelligence (BI) and analytics platform is specifically aimed at overcoming this challenge. Tableau’s BI platform supports data-driven customer engagement, and the Salesforce and Tableau acquisition will definitely extend Salesforce’s reach into a data-driven engagement. Notably, Tableau software presents enterprise business intelligence solutions for accessing, combining, and cleansing data from diverse sources. Along with that, Tableau allows users to explore data and be able to uncover hidden insights, spot trends, and identify opportunities.

Salesforce is already established as the world’s foremost CRM platform, and with Tableau’s acquisition, it’s a smooth integration of customer relationship management (CRM) and BI analytics from a single vendor. This move increases Salesforce’s strategic role within companies that rely on technology vendors to help shape their organizational vision and fine-tune their product offerings for improved customer experience. With the improved offering, business owners can access their own analytics across different departments of their business. Executives will know who their customers are, what they need, and how they interact with each aspect of the business.

Salesforce and Tableau’s synergy enhances the customer 360 initiative of Salesforce to empower companies to know their customers better. This integrated business intelligence and analytics platform also enable business owners to even build their own dashboards by themselves without the support of IT experts. Just like every one of Salesforce latest acquisitions, this acquisition is aimed at making businesses more productive, more intelligent, and undoubtedly more profitable. Not just that, companies can better engage with their customers as they are availed with the analytics and business intelligence processes to make more accurate data-driven decisions.

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With Tableau’s acquisition, marketing managers can access a live dashboard where they can track their sales pipeline and ultimately understand the frequency of sales conversion at each stage of the funnel. A sales manager can gain insights about the specific buyers needed to be engaged in a deal to ensure high profitability and returns on investment for the company. Furthermore, one of the upsides of this Salesforce and Tableau acquisition deal is that it empowers operations managers to use business intelligence to enhance their business strategy, industrial processes, and even accurately target their budget allocation for the next fiscal year. Not to leave without mentioning, this landmark deal in Salesforce latest acquisitions will help power new artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities in the future.

Keith Block, co-chief executive of Salesforce, said in a prepared statement that Salesforce and Tableau acquisition would accelerate the company’s ability to deliver customer success by enabling a truly unified and powerful view across all of a customer’s data. Much more, this news of Salesforce latest acquisitions should be pleasant to customers, as they can now have access to a top-notch business intelligence solution that will benefit in several ways. For old Tableau customers, this top deal in the list of Salesforce latest acquisitions will likely benefit them, as they can now get access to new offerings that will include Salesforce’s Einstein AI platform capabilities. As for custom solution developers on the Salesforce platform, the addition of Tableau should create more opportunities for them to embed analytics functionalities into custom apps to enhance better performance. Furthermore, for Tableau customers who are not currently Salesforce customers, this news of Salesforce latest acquisitions involving Tableau should provide an easy opportunity for them to add Salesforce products to their stack.

However, one thing that really gets the users of Tableau worried is that the software lacks cloud options. The good news is that the acquisition of Tableau is believed to be able to enhance Salesforce’s ability to deliver personalized experiences to customers of business from every Salesforce Cloud. Moreover, as Tableau will further enhance Salesforce’s ability to create and leverage a 360º view of customers and their data by business owners, Tableau’s transition to the cloud is, however, expected to accelerate.

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