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Solunus Inc. Achieves the CREST (Gold) Salesforce Partnership Status

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Phani Madhav Chegu,

March 7, 2023

Solunus Inc. Achieves the CREST (Gold) Salesforce Partnership Status

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Solunus Inc., a Dallas, Texas, USA based global Salesforce services company, is proud to announce yet another key accomplishment, demonstrating the company’s expertise and ability to deliver affordable, top-notch Salesforce services to organizations of all sizes across the industry spectrum.

The firm recently upgraded its Salesforce partnership to CREST (formerly known as Gold) by meeting stringent criteria pertaining to facilitation of customer success, development of novel solutions, achievement of rapid growth and creation of impact on the society.

“The achievement of the CREST partner status is indeed an honor and fine testament to our relentless efforts to deliver the best,” said Mr. Sudhakar Pennam, the Co-founder and CEO of Solunus Inc. “It is a major milestone in our journey of excellence that began in 2014. The CREST status could be achieved only due to the hard work and dedication of our people. Kudos to their unflinching commitment, to developing innovative solutions of the highest quality and delighting our customers, which made this accomplishment possible. I’d also like to thank the Salesforce leadership for its support and recognition of our ability to develop the perfect solutions to the needs of our clients.”

“We have a wonderful team with a passion to see the customer win,” said Mr. Banu Ramamurthy, the Chief Technology Officer of Solunus. “The team’s unrivaled knowledge of the Salesforce platform and its strong emphasis on understanding the unique needs of each of our customers helps us ensure the highest ROI on Salesforce and earn rich accolades. We’re proud to achieve the CREST certification and look forward to creating even better value in the days to come.”

What Does the CREST Salesforce Partnership Status Signify?

The CREST partnership status is conferred by Salesforce on companies that:

  • Deliver the highest levels of customer satisfaction – Solunus has a Customer Satisfaction (CSAT) score of 100% from all its clients.
  • Complete all Salesforce projects successfully – we’ve a 5-star rating on Salesforce AppExchange for all projects executed by us.
  • Demonstrate solid expertise of the Salesforce platform – we’ve a delivery team comprising entirely of Salesforce-certified professionals. Our team has more than 350 Salesforce certifications across various products and nearly 6000 badges on Trailhead.
  • Achieve excellent growth – our company is one of the fastest-growing Salesforce partners serving clients across the world.
  • Champion diversity and inclusion – we’re proud of our highly diverse workforce; we understand true diversity is all about recognizing each of us is unique. Career progression at our organization is determined only by two factors – merit and performance.
  • Make a strong societal impact – we’re an active member of the Pledge 1% movement and closely collaborate with various social and charitable organizations to create a better tomorrow.

While there are a few other considerations to confer the CREST partnership status, the criteria listed above form the core of the framework implemented by Salesforce to determine the eligibility to receive the status.

A big thank you to all our customers for reposing their trust in us and partnering with our company. We’ll continue to serve them with all the diligence and work with them to help realize their goals.

About Solunus

Solunus is a dedicated Salesforce partner, based in Dallas, Texas. The company provides high-quality, affordable Salesforce services that empower you to achieve your growth goals and cement relationships with your clients. Our strong emphasis on comprehending the unique requirements of our customers and unrivaled expertise of the Salesforce platform allow us to deliver the perfect solutions that create the best value.