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Solunus, a Dedicated Salesforce Partner Revels in the Successful Landing of the Chandrayaan- 3

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August 23, 2023

Solunus, a Dedicated Salesforce Partner Revels in the Successful Landing of the Chandrayaan- 3

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Solunus, one of the fastest-growing dedicated Salesforce partners, wishes Team ISRO all the best on the occasion of the historic landing of Chandrayaan – 3 on the moon. The mission once again proves the unflinching commitment and perseverance of an expert workforce, transformation of novel thoughts into practice, relentless focus on quality and effective use of technology at the cutting-edge pave the way for great success.

The touchdown of Chandrayaan-3 on the unchartered southern pole of the moon is an unparalleled achievement, unrivaled by any other nation on this planet. This extraordinary achievement brought India squarely into the global spotlight. This project got compliments from world leaders like Vladimir Putin, the Russian President, and Sheikh Mohammed, the UAE’s Vice President.

Team ISRO meticulously planned the entire Chandrayaan-3 project within a budget of $74 million, which is way less than the mind-boggling Christopher Nolan’s Interstellar movie budget. This moment is a source of immense pride for every Indian and is an enduring testament to the sheer brilliance of our nation’s scientific minds.

By successfully landing on the moon, India has now joined an exclusive club, becoming the fourth nation in history to achieve the remarkable feat of soft-landing on the lunar surface, following in the footsteps of the United States, China, and the former USSR.

For us at Solunus, this was not merely a thrilling moment but a sheer celebration of human ingenuity. We gathered at our office, sharing in the collective anticipation, and were delighted to witness this historic event unfold. Here’s an exclusive glimpse into our joyous festivities: