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Salesforce Winter ‘23 Release Feature Highlights

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Monica Barthalomeo,

December 28, 2022

Salesforce Winter ‘23 Release Feature Highlights

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Salesforce is always one step ahead of the game and keeps everyone excited and enthusiastic about the upcoming feature releases always. This is enough to prove the credibility of growth and advancement in every area that Salesforce undertakes.

While we’re on it, Salesforce announced various features in its forthcoming Winter ’23 release that everyone in the Salesforce community can look forward to work and play around with to create the best solutions for their clients. In this blog, we’ll take a look at some of the most prominent and anticipated releases. Let’s dive in.

Highlights from the Salesforce Winter ’23 Release:

  • Dynamic Forms Enhancement for Sales Cloud

With the new Salesforce Winter ’23 Release businesses can move the sections and fields from page layouts just like they move individual components and configure these elements like other components – thus displaying the fields and sections that users need. Doing this gives companies the liberty and flexibility to customize forms for their customers.

  • Broadcast Communication for Service Cloud

Salesforce users can now broadcast status updates to both internal and external stakeholders about any incident seamlessly across various digital channels that also includes self-service sites and emails.

  • Account Engagement External Actions for Marketing Cloud

If you’re looking to streamline your marketing tech stack in your organization, External Actions feature in the Marketing Cloud is your answer. Further, your business can also leverage all the existing channels with the help of External Actions. Thus, enabling you build third-party applications (for instance, registering prospects for an upcoming webinar, etc.)

  • TikTok Integration for Commerce Cloud

With the automated smart product feeds and brand-new dynamic video collection ads, Salesforce is making social commerce even easier by providing a richer in-app experience to users. Businesses can now easily add their products on TikTok and launch their new sales channel on this magnificent short-video platform all within Salesforce Commerce Cloud. Thus, helping them reach a wider audience faster through catalog-focused advertising solutions.

  • Carbon Credit Allocation for Net Zero Cloud

Net Zero Cloud lets businesses measure and reduce their carbon emissions. However, there will still be unavoidable emissions beyond these. With the Carbon Credit Allocation feature, sustainability managers can gain insights into their organization’s carbon credit requirements and counteract unavoidable emissions by funding various environmental projects that devoid carbon dioxide from being emitted into the atmosphere at large. With this feature, sustainability managers can get a quick consolidated view of carbon credit purchase history, scope wise utilization and allocation.

  • Data Lake for Salesforce Powered by AWS for Nonprofit

This allows customers to easily setup and hydrate their Nonprofit Success Pack data within an AWS data lake. With just a few clicks, customers can get started. First, connect your AWS account by inputting your admin credentials. Next, connect to Salesforce and select the data import options, which should include standard objects in the Nonprofit Success Pack. From there, review and confirm the information that looks correct. And sit back and relax as the data is imported. Once this is complete, all of your data will be available and can be visualized through Tableau. Now nonprofits can gain a full view of their organizational data and visualize their impact.

  • Einstein Discovery: Live Predictions on Snowflake

Einstein Discovery in Winter ’23 brings the ability to power and augment predictions with external data from Snowflake. Streamline data refreshes by connecting directly to the source. No manual or schedule updates are needed. If you want to deploy a model that identifies churn risk on your Salesforce account and include product usage and training data that’s live on Snowflake.

Bonus Salesforce Winter ’23 Releases:

  • Dynamic Forms enables you to enhance more Object Record Pages
  • Cut and Paste Flow elements effortlessly, leverage flow builder
  • Clone Salesforce Lightning Apps to create better and efficient Salesforce Apps
  • Take advantage of the Dynamic Related List Filters to enable multiple filter values
  • Use the Custom Opportunity Fields to either exclude or include for better forecasting
  • Leverage various updated in the Reports and Dashboards
  • Sort out and track your tasks in Salesforce with the all new “To-do-List”

Now that you’re aware of some of the Winter ’23 Release highlights and a few bonus features, you can dig deeper to discover what Salesforce Winter ’23 release has to offer by going through the release notes. For more updated in the Salesforce environment subscribe to our blog and receive freshly brewed news.

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