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Salesforce Marketing Cloud – A Business Game Changer

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Shalini Shrivastava,

May 14, 2020

Salesforce Marketing Cloud – A Business Game Changer

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All That You Should Know About Salesforce Marketing Cloud

Salesforce is a world-class CRM solution connecting clients and brands, and there is no room for doubt here. It offers a unified CRM platform that enables a company to have a wholesome view of its customers within no time. Within Salesforce, out of multiple cloud solution options catering to different needs, Salesforce Marketing Cloud is the one with a fantabulous feature to conquer the business world.

Salesforce Marketing Cloud serves as a one-stop solution for marketing teams who would want to be on top of the game when it comes to increasing revenue by offering personalized customer experiences. By adopting this platform, you can efficiently communicate with your current customers, along with potential leads. The planning, following, monitoring, and making the right decisions in real-time becomes smooth and effortless. There are numerous benefits that one can achieve once they opt for marketing cloud, a few of them are here:

  • Creating and executing a personalized customer experience across all mediums.
  • Getting in touch with valuable business leads using the best channels.
  • Communicating with the clients at the right time effectively and efficiently.
  • Creating a personal relationship with customers and ensure that they don’t look for an option.

Salesforce Marketing Cloud comprises of seven primary products. You can get an opportunity to connect with your clients using various channels like SMS, Email, Social Media, Website Content, and more. A combination of these products can get you a better picture of your customers so that you can draft compelling marketing strategies. These products are:

Marketing Cloud Products

Why You Need Unified Data?

The most consequential summons for a marketing team is to communicate with its clients in real-time. In the recent past, the expectations of customers from a brand have gone too far.

Marketers need to use personalized messaging for better involvement. They must ensure that each department is well-connected and well informed about the customer at every stage of the customer’s journey. For this, they need to ensure that everyone is on the same page irrespective of the department and aligned with each other through consolidated customer data.

It’s an irony that customers take a brand as one unit and do not care how the department works internally. Hence, they demand a unified experience considering the brand as a one-man show and not as a group of people working together for success. For having a delighted customer, it is crucial to be indispensable and aligned.

The information for an unhappy customer should be shared across all the departments, so they can respond accordingly to improve their relationship. Prompt response on social handles is advisable; hence the use of artificial intelligence to communicate can be a good idea. The before-mentioned actions and reactions seamlessly enrich personalized customer experiences.

Marketing Cloud an Impeccable Fit for Customer Journey Phases

A customer’s journey begins the moment they first know about your brand. As a brand, you may have several departments handling many things, but for a customer, it is a single relationship. If one element goes wrong, everything does. Thus, a brand must personalize every communication with a customer if they are willing to retain a long and healthy relationship. A standard customer journey comprises of six phases that are:

1. Consciousness: In this phase, the customer realizes or learns about your brand and considers it as one possible option. It could be by seeing an advertisement on your social handle or through word of mouth. You can build brand awareness through your social handles, social listening, Ads impressions, and more.

2. Procurement: In this phase, the user becomes a potential lead due to an interaction done by using your brand’s site, app, or by simply subscribing to an email newsletter. You would need to analyze how people are attracted to your brand; it may be through the website, an email campaign, Social media postings, blogs, and more.

3. Socializing: In this phase, the potential lead is converted to a customer. Once the prospect has successfully become your customer, it becomes a perfect fit for you to communicate and know your customers. You get access to their massive pool of data. It becomes easy for you to communicate appropriately through well-crafted messages to create more awareness, but make sure you know where to draw the line.

4. Engagement: This is perhaps the most prolonged phase and essential phase of a customer’s journey. The aim is to retain the customers by keeping them updated about your brand and giving them distinguished services whenever required. Sending personalized messages is recommended to keep the relationship hale and hearty.

5. Retention: In this phase, you sense the risk of losing your customer. It becomes essential to know the reason for their lack of interest in your brand. The data collected so far can help you to plan a more real kind of engagement with them so that you can take the inevitable steps for retention.

6. Counseling: In this phase, the customer proffers their reviews about the brand, which can be advantageous for the company to improve themselves and their further relationship with the customers. If it’s done at the right time, it can boost the sales that a brand might not have been imagined at the beginning of the journey.

The customer journey continues as long as the customer is aware and conscious about the brand, even though they aren’t engaged actively at a given time. If the overall journey is pleasant, then there could be a high probability that they would recommend your brand to others. Hence, companies must create incredible experiences, so the customers come back again for purchases.

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Salesforce Einstein can Make Your Marketing Cloud Experience Ampler

The above specified personalized customer journey is easy to create using a relevant platform through valuable customer data in combination with artificial intelligence.

The modern digital marketing platforms are created to leverage data at each phase of the customer journey in a scalable and accessible way. It doesn’t matter how big your company is; you still can use the power of artificial intelligence to convert potential leads to clients, helping customers by pointing to the right resources, and learn how your email campaigns will perform. With Salesforce Einstein AI, you could listen, understand, and answer to customer queries, and convey messages accordingly.

Using AI and Google Analytics 360, you can measure end-to-end marketing success across all digital channels and devices. Further, based on the perception, your company can deliver data-driven, customized experiences over every stage of a customer’s connection with your brand.


Solunus cherishes connecting brands with real-world customers. Our Salesforce marketing cloud specialist can efficiently devise a unified marketing platform for you so that you can know more about your consumers, engage them better, and personalize their experience across everything. You, along with us, can create a seamless experience across every touchpoint.

From developing a comprehensive strategy through implementing and managing robust marketing cloud environments, Solunus specialists are committed to ensuring you get the most out of it. They bring leadership and experience with integrating the latest updates—all to help you build a complete and dynamic solution that will create new value for your business.

We hope this blog must have given you helpful insights in regards to Marketing Cloud and also have enlightened you on how strategic implementation of marketing cloud can be a game-changer. It’s not just that you can do thorough research on your clients but also enables you to connect with them in real-time. With Solunus Salesforce Marketing Cloud expertise, you can plan, personalize, and optimize your customer journeys.

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About Solunus:

Solunus is a dedicated Salesforce partner organization, headquartered in Dallas, Texas. Our unrelenting focus on comprehending the unique needs of our clients coupled with our unrivaled expertise of the Salesforce platform enables us to deliver the perfect solutions that create the best value. Our unflinching commitment to quality and affordability has earned us a 100% Customer Satisfaction (CSAT) score from all our customers.