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Salesforce Integrates AI Into Its Marketing Cloud Software

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Monica Barthalomeo,

December 29, 2021

Salesforce Integrates AI Into Its Marketing Cloud Software

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The all-new AI-powered Salesforce integration is available now for Marketing Cloud products. The AI product integrations include Interaction Studio templates, Einstein Engagement Scoring and Datorama connectors.

This move by the CRM tech giant comes after the popular Slack acquisition that is backed up by their brand-new AI Strategy. It will enable the IT behemoth enhance its digital strategy and increase the marketing impact along with unified analytics.

Every new Salesforce product that is launched works to integrate AI into the platform. According to Salesforce, the Interaction Studio templates present personalized web, portal and mobile experiences based on real-time user engagement. Datorama Connectors, Interaction Studio and apps for Salesforce CDP help marketers understand data-driven marketing, advertising and the business impact of their first-party stakeholders. Moreover, Salesforce CDP plays the role of enterprise customer data platform that encourages and promotes customer interactions everywhere.

“Brands that have been thriving amidst the pandemic are very much data-focused, prioritize privacy, discover agile ways to collaborate with employees throughout the organization and embrace AI,” said Michael Kostow, EVP & GM of Marketing Cloud. “Companies can deliver relevant and highly personalized messages, drive growth and build trusted customer relationships by integrating Marketing Cloud’s AI innovations with Slack.”

As per research conducted by Salesforce, 60 percent of consumers are willing to use AI to improve their customer experiences. Generally, the top AI use cases that marketers work on include personalizing customer journeys, automating customer interactions and driving valuable recommendations. By combining Einstein Engagement Scoring with a company’s internal research, businesses can track users based on their engagement with a specific event. For instance, marketers can now use Salesforce Einstein Engagement Scoring to eliminate users from the list who are not likely to engage with mobile or emails and use other channels to engage with them, social media or advertising, for example.

The new Marketing Cloud offerings from Salesforce allow marketers to help their customers in real-time. Also, customers will be able to develop relevant content with the all-new Einstein Designer. With Einstein Designer, customers can use text and images in no time.

When it comes to security, no one has been able to beat Salesforce to date. With its robust encryption capabilities, marketers can be rest assured that their data is secure from any cyber threats. Also, with detailed reports, analytics and insights, it assists marketers in forecasting and increasing sales, thereby boosting ROI.

As you can see, the new AI-led capabilities of Marketing Cloud go a long way in helping companies make the best use of data to ensure excellent customer experiences and achieve business success. At Solunus, we help you unleash the power of the Salesforce product to meet the specific needs of your customers, and thereby, build strong relationships.

Hope you liked this post. How do you plan to leverage the immense potential of Salesforce Marketing Cloud. We’d love to know.

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