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Salesforce Genie – Granting the Growth Wish

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Phani Madhav Chegu,

September 22, 2022

Salesforce Genie – Granting the Growth Wish

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Joe is a resident of San Francisco. Two months ago, he purchased an Internet data plan offered by a well-known telecommunications company. Last week, Joe had a problem in accessing the Internet; he rang up the customer care of the Internet Service Provider (ISP) seeking a solution to the issue. The customer service agent asked a series of questions, and then, told Joe he was transferring the call to a rep in another department. The rep again asked Joe the same questions posed earlier and suggested that he may contact the local help center of the ISO to schedule a visit of a technician. The entire call lasted about 20 minutes, leaving Joe very frustrated.

Chris is the customer of a global bank headquartered in Chicago. A few days ago, he lost his credit card and mobile phone while travelling to his home. Chris called his bank and requested them to deactivate the card immediately. Unfortunately, the customer support executive at the bank took 10 minutes to block the card, and in the meantime, someone drew USD 45,000 from an ATM. Chris was distraught and took to Twitter complaining about the poor service.

Do these stories sound familiar? How can companies respond to customer requests instantly to provide the best service? They need access to a powerful data platform that can enable them to access real-time customer information. Unfortunately, most data platforms don’t provide this ability, preventing companies from acting on customer complaints and requests swiftly with high efficacy. To overcome this problem, Salesforce has released a brand-new product called Genie, which will allow businesses to have fully-updated customer data instantaneously.

Today, we’ll look at the capabilities of Salesforce Genie, in detail, and understand why it’s a game changer in the world of business. But first let us try to understand what the novel product is all about and how it’s different from currently-used data tools.

What Is Salesforce Genie?

Salesforce Genie is an innovative data platform that can be used by organizations to thoroughly analyze their data. It empowers firms to seamlessly integrate information collected at each step in the customer journey to create fully unified customer profiles in real time. These profiles will go a long way in enabling businesses to deliver highly personalized services to their clients.

What Makes Salesforce Genie Different from Other Platforms?

Most data platforms help organizations integrate customer information collected at different points to provide a single view of the customer. But, unlike these platforms, Salesforce Genie can present fully updated client data in a fraction of a second, enabling real-time actions by businesses. For example, companies can know what their customers are searching on their portals right now, instead of waiting for a day or two to get the information. All teams of an organization – sales, service, marketing and digital commerce can have access to the latest customer data, enabling them to act instantaneously and provide delightful service.

Let’s now move on to look at the key capabilities of Salesforce Genie.

Features of Salesforce Genie that Help Make the Most Out of Business Data

Ability to Integrate Data Streams in Real Time

All Salesforce products that came before Genie were primarily designed to handle data pertaining to transactions. The latest offering of Salesforce supplements the transactional databases of organizations by providing the capability to use enormous quantities of data as soon as they are generated. Like all other products of the Customer Relationship Management (CRM) behemoth, Genie leverages metadata, and this means data in the novel application is completely visible and can be harnessed by Customer 360 tools.

Facility to Fully Harmonize Business Data

Salesforce came up with a group of data models known as Customer Graph to ensure smooth harmonization of all data streams in a single client profile. This means companies can include all customer-related data in a profile, no matter where the data was created or how it was labelled.

Option to Build Customized Data Models

Users of Salesforce Genie can develop AI-driven business data models to meet their specific needs. The CRM giant has partnered with Amazon to use SageMaker, the latter organization’s cloud-based Machine Learning (ML) platform, to enable companies to create data models of any complexity and utilize them in their Salesforce Customer 360 applications.

Capability to Come Up with First-party Advertisements Without Hassles

Salesforce customers can now launch first-party advertising programs on the ad platforms of the company’s partners such as Amazon and Meta, thanks to the enablement of new privacy-protecting integrations that allow secure activation of advertisements and deliver the right insights in real time.

Categorization of Unstructured Data Is Made Easy

Salesforce Genie provides the complete history of a company’s interactions with each of its customers. The innovative application leverages a lakehouse architecture to store data. This goes a long way in simplifying categorization and classification of unstructured business data, enhancing data utilization efficiencies in a big way.

Integration with Snowflake Facilitates Real-time Sharing of Data

Salesforce has entered into an agreement with Snowflake, which will enable Genie to directly access data stored in the latter. Likewise, data in Salesforce can be connected to Snowflake very easily. The integration of the two IT platforms will facilitate a comprehensive view of business data across Salesforce Customer 360 without having to move or copy the data.

Thus, Salesforce Genie enables businesses to utilize real-time business data to provide excellent services to their customers and delight them. At Solunus, we help you harness cutting-edge Salesforce products to meet your business needs. Our unrivaled expertise of the Salesforce platform coupled with an unrelenting focus to comprehend your unique requirements thoroughly helps us deliver the right solution that enables rapid growth.

Hope you liked this post. How do you plan to use Salesforce Genie? We’d love to know.

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