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Salesforce Einstein and Artificial Intelligence (AI)

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Monica Barthalomeo,

December 28, 2021

Salesforce Einstein and Artificial Intelligence (AI)

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Automation is not the concept of the future anymore! Businesses are now using Artificial Intelligence (AI) to meet their goals rapidly. Before we proceed further, let’s look at some AI-related statistics.

  • The global AI market is pegged to hit an incredible $267 billion by 2027
  • Nine out of ten leading businesses are investing in AI
  • The AI industry is projected to earn $126 billion every year by 2025

One of the most widely used AI-enabled systems in the business world is Salesforce Einstein. The powerful suite of applications is laced with robust predictive analytics capabilities and integrated seamlessly with other Salesforce products used to perform a wide range of sales, marketing and customer service activities.

Salesforce Einstein helps leverage AI to analyze data pertaining to each customer’s interactions with a company. Let’s now dive deeper to understand the capabilities of this data analytics powerhouse and how they help your business.

Benefits of Using Salesforce Einstein for Your Business

Einstein for Salesforce Marketing Cloud

With Einstein for Salesforce Marketing Cloud, you can boost your marketing efficiency in the following ways.

  • Provide your marketers with the tools they require to personalize customer journeys and ensure that every interaction with each customer is effective
  • Create personalized content and messages based on your customer preferences
  • Get insights to interact with specific customers, at the right time, about the right product, on the right channel
  • Learn more about your customers with insights from Einstein Prediction Builder; the novel application helps you get valuable information from brand interactions, conversations and marketing engagements across various social channels
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Einstein for Salesforce Sales Cloud

You can use Salesforce Sales Cloud more effectively with Salesforce Einstein as the AI-based application enables you to:

  • Reduce the time needed to enter data by automatically syncing up your email application and calendar to Salesforce and creating new contacts
  • Use Machine Learning (ML) to forecast sales and get valuable insights to back up your predictions
  • Prioritize and strategize your next steps based on sales history; Einstein helps you obtain score leads and identify opportunities that are likely to convert with high efficacy
  • Identify business trends, and get historical information about sales pipelines

Einstein AI Salesforce for Service Cloud

You can harness the data in Salesforce Service Cloud to provide delightful customer service. The AI-enabled tool helps you:

  • Enhance your customer experience with context-based content recommendations and smart conversation suggestions
  • Answer customers’ queries instantly using chatbots on various digital platforms
  • Gain insights and visibility with dashboards that are pre-built
  • Ensure optimal use of the time of your customer service reps; you can use automated conversational agents to interact with customers and resolve simple issues, allowing the reps to focus effectively on more complex problems

Let’s now proceed to some of the other useful tools of Salesforce Einstein that go a long way in helping you make the best use of your business data.

Various Novel Salesforce Einstein Tools for Business

Get Predictive Analytics with Machine Learning

Think about the possibilities of you seeing the future. Here, we’re not talking about the gut feeling or the sixth sense but predictive analytics. Salesforce Einstein presents three robust predictive analytics tools that use ML to provide invaluable insights into the future of your business. They are:

  • Einstein Prediction Builder
  • Einstein Discovery
  • Einstein Next Best Action

Unlike manual methods, Einstein Discovery helps organizations extract valuable customer insights from internal and external data sources faster. Also, it helps understand what is exactly happening with your business and customers, in detail.

With Einstein Prediction Builder, you can predict outcomes for every business function, irrespective of the industry you’re in. Now you might be thinking that it is a difficult task to accomplish. But with Salesforce Einstein, your Salesforce administrators can now create predictive data models with a few clicks and get the right business insights. For instance, you can find answers to questions such as what are the chances of a customer renewing their subscription to your service, what would the prospective churn rate be and so on.

Einstein Next Best Action gives you the best recommendations to initiate suitable business actions based on the customer’s purchase history and past interactions.

Derive Meaning from Every Piece of Text with NLP

Salesforce Einstein comes with two NLP-based tools viz.:

  • Einstein Language
  • Einstein Bots

Einstein Language automatically identifies the customer’s sentiment to help you strategize your approach and handle interactions with high efficacy. For instance, if the tool spots the words that convey positive emotions such as happy, excited, overjoyed it determines that a customer is quite pleased with your product or service. On the other hand, if it identifies negative words in the text, it determines that the customer is not satisfied and there’s an issue to resolve. Einstein Language goes through your business contacts, emails and chats and identifies customer sentiments. The NLP-based application can identify words in multiple languages.

Einstein Bots are intelligent chatbots designed to resolve common challenges your customers face. They provide instant solutions to the prospects. Also, they can be deployed across various digital channels to interact and engage with your customers. With Einstein Bots, you can help your employees concentrate on tasks that matter, thereby helping them use their time optimally.

Manage Inventories More Effectively with Einstein Vision

Einstein Vision helps you harness deep learning techniques to identify and classify images and text. From object detection and image classification to text recognition, Einstein Vision is a valuable tool for inventory management, especially of retail companies. Also, you can train Einstein Vision to recognize your brand logo online and other product offerings using text recognition.

Utilize Automatic Speech Recognition to Add Context to Your Business

Einstein Voice is an automatic speech recognition application from Salesforce. You can leverage this tool to get quick updates during meetings and alert customers about any new updates. Also, it can capture notes and relevant contact information in real-time and transform it from text to sound for your business in no time at all. Also, you can connect Einstein Voice with Alexa or Siri to brief your employees with minimal effort.

Salesforce Einstein is readily available for those businesses that use Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, Marketing Cloud, Community Cloud, App Cloud or Analytics Cloud into their business framework but at an additional yet affordable cost. The benefits that Einstein Analytics offers are many but integrating that into your system is not that easy.

For this reason, you need a reliable partner that understands Salesforce and your business needs. By collaborating with Solunus, you will get the optimal solution for your business requirements. Our experts dive deep into your problem areas and present viable solutions.

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