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Salesforce Apps for the Automotive Sector – Driving the Growth Engine

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Phani Madhav Chegu,

April 5, 2021

Salesforce Apps for the Automotive Sector – Driving the Growth Engine

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The automotive industry is in the midst of a major transformation – as the demands for high-quality customer experiences from vehicle users get bigger than ever before, many companies in this sector are embracing innovative technologies to ensure high levels of growth and provide seamless, real-time customer experiences.

A key technological development altering the automotive customer experience landscape is the use of mobile apps. Many vehicle manufacturers are using custom-built apps to deliver smooth and highly reliable service, any-time support, personalized messages and relevant marketing updates.

One of the popular platforms used by automobile companies to develop mobile apps is Salesforce App Cloud. Salesforce App Cloud is a suite of power-packed development tools that enable developers to come up with robust mobile apps that run on Salesforce.

Today, we’ll look at how 4 automobile companies are delivering first-rate customer service and recording high levels of growth with mobile apps developed using Salesforce App Cloud.

Leveraging mobile apps to transform customer journeys and power growth

A world-leading sports bike manufacturer embarked on a program to provide its customers fully-connected, delightful experiences anytime, anywhere; the company sought to ensure hassle-free buying journeys throughout the customer life cycle. It also wanted to provide high levels of engagement to prospective buyers, irrespective of the channel used by them. The company evaluated various options to realize its objectives, and finally, decided to come up with an app with multiple features, which could be accessed using any connected smartphone or tablet.

Various mobile app development platforms were considered by the two-wheeler manufacturer, and eventually, the company chose Salesforce App Cloud. The decision was guided by the high levels of flexibility and customizability of Salesforce App Cloud. The company used the innovative platform to develop a highly successful mobile app. Customers could use the app to connect with the bike maker at all touchpoints, including social networking platforms, dealer outlets and smart cars. Likewise, the company used the app to thoroughly engage with its prospects, who use the app to connect with the vehicle producer using the digital channel of their choice. The mobile app helped the company consistently deliver customer experiences of very high quality and improve its revenues by 45%.

Going beyond traditional customer service to provide car users a holistic travel experience

For years, the customer service team at a well-known American automobile company has been using the mobile to help its customers stranded on the road. However, a survey conducted by the company revealed the customers wanted much more than mere advice to repair technical snags — they wanted comprehensive information that would enable them to have a seamless travel experience. For instance, they wanted the company to provide directions to nearby motels and gas stations, while on the move. The company realized this presented them with a great opportunity to cement customer relationships and launched the development of an innovative mobile app that transformed the way people travel.

The car maker used Salesforce App Cloud to come up with a mobile app that not only helps its customers find nearby motels and gas stations, but also enables them to get tailor-made offerings from these business establishments. The customers can use the app to locate the nearest motel or gas station with the lowest tariff. The app also enables them to get discounts on the services, thanks to the automaker’s tie-up with various travel firms and energy companies. The best part of this story is users of the app can book rooms or buy fuel from the comfort of their homes, even before they get into their vehicles.

Building a mobile app that delivers customer service in 63 languages

A world-renowned Japanese automobile manufacturer with presence in more than 120 countries was faced with a unique challenge – the company operated customer service portals in 63 languages and used more than 45 customer-facing applications, resulting in a huge expenditure. The company looked for ways to overcome this problem, and the advent of COVID-19 only served to make the solution very urgent. The pandemic affected the automaker’s revenues badly, making the expenditure on the myriad of customer service websites and applications untenable. The company soon realized a single mobile app that enables it to deliver consistent customer service of the highest quality is the only way to overcome the challenge.

The car manufacturer evaluated various app development platforms and finally zeroed-in on Salesforce App Cloud. The powerful platform enabled the company to develop a user-friendly mobile app in just 10 weeks, which could be used to provide top-notch service in all the languages spoken by its customers. The app leverages the power of Salesforce to provide excellent customer support; for instance, it uses the AI-powered capabilities of the CRM system to help customers find the information they need. The mobile app received all praise from its users and helped the company improve its customer satisfaction score by 40%.

Developing mobile apps for customer service in just 6 days with minimal effort

A leading manufacturer of motorcycles faced a serious problem; the company had to downsize its global IT team to just five, in the backdrop of a major budgetary cut. This threatened the ability of the two-wheeler maker to provide effective customer service through digital channels. The company explored various solutions to the problem and finally opted to build a multi-functional mobile app that could meet all the needs of its customers. However, the company had to overcome a major challenge; it had to roll out the mobile app in just a week; however, the small size of the company’s IT team prevented it from developing the mobile app in the short time frame. An innovative solution was the need of the hour.

The solution was soon discovered – Salesforce App Cloud. The bike manufacturer fully leveraged the capabilities of Salesforce’s app development platform to create a highly user-friendly mobile app in just 6 days. The mobile app could be used to send marketing emails and receive requests from customers for servicing and delivery of spare parts. It also helped streamline customer interactions with the company’s dealers. For instance, customers did not have to wait for several days to return parts of their motorcycles; the nearest dealer was informed of the parts-return request raised on the mobile app, and the dealer would examine the eligibility for the return and update the request accordingly. The entire process could be completed in just a few minutes.

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As you can see, the mobile apps developed using Salesforce App Cloud helped the automotive companies drive growth and deliver highly effective customer service. At Solunus, we work with you to unleash the power of the app development platform. Our experts thoroughly analyze your customer support needs, and then, develop a robust app that perfectly meets the requirements.

Hope you enjoyed this post. How do you meet the needs of your customers? We’d love to know.

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