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Reducing Manual Sales Tasks by 80% Using Salesforce (Case Study)

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Phani Madhav Chegu,

October 11, 2021

Reducing Manual Sales Tasks by 80% Using Salesforce (Case Study)

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We all know effective execution of selling tasks plays a key role in enhancing organizational productivity, and thereby, improving the bottom line. Unfortunately, many companies suffer from low selling efficiencies; a major factor contributing to this problem is manual execution of sales activities, which results in poor productivity of sales teams. Manual execution of sales-related tasks also leads to many errors, further complicating the problem. These issues can be resolved with high efficacy by developing a robust, automated framework to execute selling activities.

A key element of creating a good automated framework to carry out sales tasks is the use of a powerful Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system such as Salesforce. Today, we will see how we helped a leading IT product development company eliminate most of their manual sales tasks, using Salesforce, in a cost-effective manner.

About the Client

The client is a well-known developer of IT products for Small and Medium Businesses (SMBs), headquartered in Fort Worth, Texas. They have operations throughout the world and serve more than 16,000 customers.

Project Overview

The customer approached us to develop an effective automated system to carry out sales activities. They also wanted us to help them ensure proper security of their sales data and create a real-time data analytics system.

Challenges Faced by the Client

  • MS-Excel based sales operations were resulting in low productivity
  • A lot of time was wasted in updating spreadsheets and managing the updates
  • Poor collaboration between various teams resulted in missed opportunities
  • Inability to analyze sales data and make accurate business forecasts
  • The client had various problems securing their sales data

How Solunus Helped Resolve the Challenges

As part of our customized solution, we implemented Salesforce Sales Cloud with standard capabilities viz. Account, Contact, Opportunity, Lead and Quote. Our solution also included the following.

Development of an Effective Process to Migrate Data to Sales Cloud

Our experts worked with the IT development company’s team to come up with an efficacious process to migrate their sales data into Salesforce Sales Cloud. The process helped ensure the data migration to Sales Cloud was carried out in a hassle-free manner, with minimal effort and expenditure.

Creation of an Effective Mechanism to Manage Historical Sales Data

We helped the customer to come up with a system of high efficaciousness to manage their historical sales data. The system went a long way in enabling the company access sales information pertaining to any given point of time in the past and facilitating seamless audit of the data.

Setting Up a Hassle-free, Fully-automated Product Pricing System

Our specialists developed a robust system to facilitate pricing of different products of the IT product development organization. The system helped the client to eliminate manual intervention in pricing activities, and thereby, execute pricing operations with a high degree of precision.

Creation of Real-time Sales Reports and Data Dashboards

We worked with the customer to create a good data reporting framework, which helped deliver real-time insights into their sales operations. Our team also developed dashboards to enable the IT company to meet their unique internal reporting needs.

Business Results

  • 80% Reduction in Manual Processing of Sales Tasks
  • 40% Increase in Sales Rep Productivity
  • 30% Improvement in Sales Revenue
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What Can IT Firms Expect by Partnering with Solunus?

  • 45% Faster Stakeholder Collaboration
  • 35% Growth in Sales Productivity
  • 40% Reduction in Decision-making Time
  • 32% Increase in Customer Satisfaction

About Solunus

Solunus is a dedicated Salesforce partner organization, headquartered in Dallas, Texas. Our unrelenting focus on comprehending the unique needs of our clients coupled with our unrivaled expertise of the Salesforce platform enables us to deliver the perfect solutions that create the best value for IT and business analytics firms.