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Solunus Collaborates with Akshaya Patra to Help the Children of a Local School

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October 21, 2020

Solunus Collaborates with Akshaya Patra to Help the Children of a Local School

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Solunus Inc. had partnered with Akshaya Patra, a leading Non-governmental Organization (NGO) to provide nutritious food to the children of the of the Mandal Parishad Prathamika Patashala, a state-run primary school in Sultanpur, near Hyderabad, India. “We’re glad to work with Akshaya Patra,” said Sudhakar Pennam, the founder and CEO of Solunus Inc. “Many of these children get their mid-day meals at their school. However, the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic resulted in closure of the school, preventing the kids access to healthy food. We wanted to help the tiny tots, by providing them nutritious food materials and educational articles.” 

Employees of the company volunteered to provide Happiness Kits to the students of the school. Each Happiness Kit contains nutritious materials such as glucose biscuits, powdered finger millet, Bengal gram, peanuts and jaggery. The kit also contains immunity-boosting substances such as Sambar powder (a mixture of lentils and various healthy spices) and turmeric, besides toothpaste, a toothbrush, sanitary napkins and various educational articles such as a notebook, pencils, crayons and an activity workbook. 

The employees were very happy to participate in the noble cause. “The activity helped us discover who we truly are. The very thought we were able to alleviate the hunger of these kids is extremely gratifying and enriches our souls,” said an employee who took part in the program.

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