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Solunus, a Leading Salesforce Partner, Opens a New Office in Johannesburg

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November 4, 2022

Solunus, a Leading Salesforce Partner, Opens a New Office in Johannesburg

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JOHANNESBURG – Solunus Inc., one of the fastest growing Salesforce partners in North America has set up an office in Johannesburg. The new office is part of the Texas-based IT company’s global expansion plans and will provide top-notch services to its clients in Africa.

Speaking on the occasion, Mr. Sudhakar Pennam, the founder and CEO of Solunus Inc. said, “The potential for growth in South Africa is immense; this country has a rapidly-developing economy and is one of the largest markets for Salesforce products in the African continent. The Johannesburg office will give a major boost to our operations in the region. It will enable us to deliver better value to our customers and build stronger relationships with them. This is indeed a landmark event in our journey of excellence.”

“This office will enable us to provide world-class near-shore services to companies in South Africa and other countries in the region. Solunus’ unparalleled ability to comprehend business needs and its IP-driven solutions will help organizations in the region make the best use of Salesforce,” he added.

Registered Office Address

Solunus Pty Ltd

150 Bryanston Drive

Bryanston, Sandton

Johannesburg – 2191

About Solunus

Solunus is a CREST (Gold) Salesforce partner. It provides a comprehensive array of Salesforce services to firms of all sizes across the industry spectrum. The company has worked with world-leading companies, enabling them to leverage cutting-edge CRM solutions to provide delightful experiences to their clients. The delivery team of Solunus comprises entirely of Salesforce-certified professionals. Its novel solutions for the Salesforce platform help companies unleash the power of technology to build robust customer relationships and accelerate growth in a highly cost-effective manner.