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Message from CEO Mr. Sudhakar Pennam on COVID-19 Pandemic

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March 16, 2020

Message from CEO Mr. Sudhakar Pennam on COVID-19 Pandemic

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At Solunus, we have asked all our people to exercise extreme caution. The health & safety of our employees, partners, and customers are of predominantly important. We have enabled a ‘Work from Home’ (WFH) environment and ensure that employees travel only in the essential cases. 

Everyday matters in our fight against this deadly disease. We can collectively overcome this crisis in a manner that is observant, thoughtful, and sympathetic towards the needs of our people. As a result, I am announcing the following measures for all our people, including partners and customers, globally. They are in categories of ‘must’ and ‘must not’: 


You must not 

  • Travel by air either internationally or domestically for business purposes. 
  • Work from any of the office locations other than your primary site i.e., home 
  • Attend meetings, conferences, and events of more than 20 people.


You must 

  • Self-isolate for 14 days if you are suffering from any cold or flu-like symptoms and have travel history. 
  • Undergo thermal testing upon arrival at office premises once lockdown is over. 
  • Use non-physical greetings (i.e., avoid shaking hands and close proximities) and maintain the rule of “Social Distancing.” 

All these measures apply to all employees, irrespective of role or geography. 

I am aware that these changes to our working arrangements will have a significant impact on everybody’s life. I assure you that none of the measures have been taken without conscious reasoning and consideration about what this will mean to each one of us. 

Further information – and regular updates will follow. During this phase more than ever, we need to be patient & resourceful, and do our best. I would suggest focusing on supporting each other, meeting the changing needs of our consumers, and serving them even better. 

Thank you again for your commitment. 

Stay safe, stay well, and take care. 

Sudhakar Pennam, CEO

About Solunus

Solunus is a CREST (Gold) Salesforce partner. It provides a comprehensive array of Salesforce services to firms of all sizes across the industry spectrum. The company has worked with world-leading companies, enabling them to leverage cutting-edge CRM solutions to provide delightful experiences to their clients. The delivery team of Solunus comprises entirely of Salesforce-certified professionals. Its novel solutions for the Salesforce platform help companies unleash the power of technology to build robust customer relationships and accelerate growth in a highly cost-effective manner.