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Overcoming Business’s Data Complexities Using Einstein Analytics

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Jayarama Emani,

July 27, 2021

Overcoming Business’s Data Complexities Using Einstein Analytics

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Einstein Analytics is one of the newer offerings from Salesforce; it descended from something you may have heard of in the past called Salesforce Wave.

But now, it’s Einstein analytics, which is a combination of a broader set of technologies that encompass both mainstream analytics and AI technologies. And, it’s one of the fastest-growing products of Salesforce.

It is very useful to people looking to perform analytics around CRM-based use cases—people looking to analyze data that already resides within their Salesforce CRM system. But what we see now is executives from various industries are looking at use cases that require integrating data from external sources with information in their CRM system to get insights that enables them drive their business forward.

The fourth industrial revolution is transforming manufacturers. And it’s the confluence of tons of different data. It used to be just the mainframe terminal created way back in the 1990s and early 2000s. But with the advent of the cloud, many companies began moving way from on-premise servers. Another key development that profoundly affected the manufacturing sector (or for that matter, most industries) is the rapid growth in the volume and significance of data generated through social media on a wide variety of devices, including the mobile.

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We are now looking at IoT-enabled data, and everything is online. The data is being brought together for manufacturers. And it’s challenging to identify what data is essential. What data will help me run my business better, what will help me sell better, and what will help me recognize my revenue better? And at the end of the day, how is AI and the information we’re all generating can help? Plenty of customers, big and small, are dealing with this issue.

The issue is more of a customer insights gap. With most manufacturers, opportunities and accounts are dealt using their Salesforce system. But there are a lot of operational things that happen after an opportunity is booked.

Once booked, the opportunity goes into another system; many a time, the sales team doesn’t have any ability to see what’s going on there. And this affects their ability to forecast and understand what’s going on with their customers. They cannot understand their customers or their territory because they’re losing a lot of precious information.

Sometimes that information is only given back to them in Excel spreadsheets. So, they rely on applications and systems outside of Salesforce. “We are left to manage a CRM which is not automated and has no intelligence. Moreover, the CRM is not optimized for mobile,” lamented one of the sales reps.

What ends up happening here is there is no analysis of data by the sales reps, and this affects the ability to sell better.

Manufacturing companies are now moving forward and using Salesforce Einstein to bridge this gap. Most of these businesses are allowing their sales reps to harness the immense capabilities of the analytics powerhouse on their iPhones or iPads and get timely insights.

Einstein Analytics is also helping sales personnel predict demand for their companies’ goods and likelihood of a prospect turning into a customer, thanks to the rich predictive analytics capabilities of the Salesforce product.

Before I conclude, I’d like to point out there is a huge proliferation of data by manufacturing companies. That has been an issue for for these organizations for years since they used a wide variety of applications, and with these applications came huge volumes of disparate data, resulting in data silos. Einstein Automate helps make sense of these vast amounts of data, enabling right decisions at the right time.

At Solunus, we help you make the best use of Salesforce Einstein Analytics. Our rich experience working with various manufacturing companies enables us to comprehend your unique data analytics needs. This ability, when combined with our unparalleled expertise of the Salesforce platform translates into the perfect solution that provides real-time insights to skyrocket your growth.

Hope you enjoyed this post. How do you use your business data? We’d love to know.

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