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Marketing Cloud – Paving the Way for Business Success

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Phani Madhav Chegu,

November 24, 2022

Marketing Cloud – Paving the Way for Business Success

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Read this blog to know how Salesforce Marketing Cloud helps you engage your customers with high efficacy and improve your marketing efficiency in a big way.

Over the last few years, there has been a significant growth in the use of marketing automation tools, and this trend shows no signs of slowing down. According to a report, the market for marketing automation software is likely to touch the USD 9.5 billion mark by 2027, up from USD 5.2 billion in 2022, registering a very healthy Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 12.8%. The growing demand for marketing automation tools stems from the high levels of productivity facilitated by these novel applications. A study by Nucleus Research reveals marketing automation provides an ROI of $5.44 per dollar spent over the first three years.

One of the most widely used marketing automation tools is SFDC Marketing Cloud. The robust application has been named a leader in The Forrester Wave: Enterprise Marketing Suites, Q3 2022. Today, we’ll examine what Marketing Cloud is all about and various features of this innovative solution in detail.

What Is SFDC Marketing Cloud?

Salesforce Marketing Cloud is a feature-rich marketing automation tool that empowers you to understand the requirements of your customers and provide delightful experiences. The novel application enables you to execute e-mail marketing campaigns with high levels of efficacy and ensure hassle-free interactions with clients using any device. The Salesforce product enables you to create an easily-accessible repository of customer information and helps you utilize various sources of data efficaciously to ensure high levels of customer engagement.

Let’s now proceed to look at various features of Marketing Cloud.

Marketing Cloud Solutions

Journey Builder

This powerful feature of Salesforce Marketing Cloud enables you to deliver fully-tailored, hyper-personalized experiences throughout the buying journey. Some of the key benefits of using this feature include the following.

  • Seamless categorization and use of customer data based on various attributes, online activities and past interactions to deliver personalized messages
  • Effective use of events such as app downloads, product purchases and so on to trigger customer actions in real-time
  • Efficacious development of customer journey maps of any complexity
  • Hassle-free coordination between all customer-facing departments of your company to maximize engagement and ensure a single voice across all channels
  • Powerful analytical capabilities that facilitate timely analysis of customer engagement to ensure optimization of each customer journey
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Audience Builder

Many a time, organizations use a wide variety of sources to collect information about a customer. This results in fragmented views of the customer. This problem can be overcome effectively using Audience Builder; it allows companies to get a single, 360-degree view of each customer by integrating data collected from multiple channels and touchpoints. The robust Marketing Cloud capability also helps you with the following.

  • Segment customers rapidly, in an efficient manner; this is possible as Audience Builder allows you to set data filters based on various parameters for customer information gathered from multiple sources, with just a few clicks
  • Leverage dimension-based techniques to identify trends in customer data quickly; this will go a long way in spotting potential opportunities and coming with the right strategies for engaging customers effectively
  • Utilize AI-powered capabilities of Salesforce Einstein to predict what customers will do to take appropriate actions for ensuring high levels of engagement

Personalization Builder

Personalization Builder empowers you with comprehensive insights about each of your clients and leverage AI-based tools to personalize his journey across all channels. The feature allows you to recognize individual customers and accounts across connected assets and enables you to do the following.

  • Get the full picture of the context of a customer interaction; the novel feature helps you capture details pertaining to the geo-location, industry, sources of referrals (if any), helping you set the stage for a fruitful conversation
  • Use AI-enabled techniques to deliver recommendations about products that perfectly meet the needs of each customer and guide him through the buying journey seamlessly
  • Ensure a fully-connected customer experience by connecting offline and online interactions effectively; no matter how a customer reaches out to you (by visiting a store, calling your customer service team or ordering a product on your website), you can make sure he gets the best service

Content Builder

Content Builder is a powerful omni-channel content management tool from Salesforce that facilitates consolidation of visual and textual content in a single, centralized repository. The SFDC Marketing Cloud solution has a very user-friendly, drag-and-drop interface, which goes a long way in helping your team create efficacious business e-mails without using Hypertext Markup Language (HTML). You can also search for and set up filters for e-mails and attach tags to relevant content for associating them with specific e-mail campaigns.

Analytics Builder

You can use Analytics Builder to get a clear understanding of customer behaviors and preferences of contacts across various channels. You can utilize these insights to set goals for your marketing efforts and ensure better experiences to your clients. The Salesforce tool also enables you to perform the following.

  • Analyze the performance of e-mail campaigns
  • Present complex data in a user-friendly manner using tables, charts and graphs.
  • Obtain information pertaining to contacts’ actions such as clicks and purchases.
  • Target audiences with high levels of precision using predictive customer behavior models
  • Ensure effective tracking of all interactions in a buying journey
  • Leverage a wide variety of reports to evaluate the progress made toward each target customer

Marketing Cloud Connect

Marketing Cloud Connect is a tool that marries the digital marketing prowess of Salesforce Marketing Cloud with the data governance, customer segmentation and campaign management features in Salesforce. The Salesforce product enables you to:

  • Build strong customer relationships by facilitating data-enabled hyper-personalized conversations
  • Use feature-rich Marketing Cloud solutions directly within Sales Cloud and/or Service Cloud
  • Ensure consistency in brand messages and drive more leads into your Salesforce org

E-mail Studio

E-mail is one of the most effective channels to convey your marketing message – a study reveals e-mail marketing provides an astounding ROI of 3600%. You can use E-mail Studio to craft the winning e-mail marketing campaign. The power-packed Marketing Cloud solution helps you:

  • Leverage drag-and-drop segmentation capabilities to filter millions of customer profiles in a few seconds
  • Measure the engagement delivered by e-mails and improve conversion rates by delivering highly relevant, personalized content
  • Deliver dynamic content in real time with just a few clicks of the mouse
  • Use a wide variety of pre-built responsive e-mail templates to ensure your message can be read on all devices
  • Run A/B tests to know which e-mails are performing well, which aren’t and why
  • Send e-mail messages automatically, thereby reducing manual effort and expenditure

Interaction Studio

Salesforce Interaction Studio is a cutting-edge solution that allows you to personalize and manage interactions with high efficacy in real-time. The innovative Marketing Cloud solution enables you to:

  • Provide smart experiences to visitors; for instance, you can leverage Interaction Studio to display a particular image or a piece of text to a customer, based on his past actions on the website or purchases made earlier
  • Deliver dynamic e-mail messages that can be tailored based on a customer’s latest actions such as searching for a specific product – the messages will be highly relevant when the customer opens the messages
  • Collect data pertaining to various metrics such as time spent by customers on your website, products purchased by them and so on

Advertising Studio

You can use Salesforce Advertising Studio to facilitate seamless integration of your online advertising programs with your marketing and customer data to deliver highly personalized experiences. The Marketing Cloud capability empowers you to:

  • Enable real-time synchronization of customer information from any digital medium and ensure they’re always fully updated – it doesn’t matter whether the campaigns are designed for a few hundred or a million
  • Connect with social media users across platforms — Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, and YouTube; combine the power of Advertising studio with Audience Studio to harness the immense potential of display advertising
  • Find new prospective customers that exhibit behaviors similar to your existing high-value clients, using capabilities such as Facebook lookalike audiences and Google similar audiences
  • Ensure the perfect engagement with inactive subscribers and customers – re-establish contact with audiences who are no longer interacting with you; likewise, make sure your customers don’t see your ads on Google and Facebook platforms
  • Align digital advertising with e-mail marketing campaigns effectively to produce the desired results

Mobile Studio

Salesforce Mobile Studio helps you ensure excellent engagement of customers at the right moment no matter where they are. The novel Marketing Cloud capability enables you to:

  • Create and automate SMS and MMS campaigns; you can leverage a wide variety of in-built templates
  • Leverage the power of mobile apps to send relevant messages to prospective and existing customers with high efficacy
  • Segment your mobile subscribers rapidly using drag-and-drop features
  • Ensure timely delivery of transactional messages such as shipping messages using an open Application Programming Interface (API)
  • Deliver location-based messages and alerts to the smartphones of your audiences
  • Measure the engagement delivered by your mobile marketing campaigns with high efficacy

Salesforce Customer Data Platform (CDP)

Salesforce CDP helps you obtain the big picture of each customer instantaneously; it enables you unify profiles across various channels and teams. The powerful Marketing Cloud product helps you make the best use of data by allowing you to:

  • Acquire and integrate data from any platform to facilitate smooth reconciliation of customers’ identities to provide a 360-degree view of each client
  • Utilize fully-unified data to identify and connect with high-value customers and personalize each engagement in an efficacious and cost-efficient manner, irrespective of the communication channel
  • Make the right decisions faster by providing a comprehensive understanding of each client in real time
  • Leverage data to build and strengthen customer relationships and use automation to personalize experiences at scale with minimal effort and expenditure

Salesforce Datorama

Salesforce Datorama is a powerful marketing intelligence solution that enables you to make the best use of data to take the right decisions to enable rapid growth. It helps you:

  • Automate reporting and enhance analytics capabilities to optimize pipelines
  • Ensure smooth unification of reporting and insights across all channels; you can facilitate hassle-free integration of data collected from interactions on social media and various digital platforms
  • Use state-of-the-art data analytics capabilities with just a few clicks
  • Connect with any AI-based marketing tool and all types of datasets
  • Harness the power of automated regression models and statistical techniques to analyze enormous volumes of complex data in minutes

As you can see, Marketing Cloud is power-packed with various features that help you make the best use of marketing data and automation. At Solunus, we work with you to unleash the power of this robust solution to delight customers and achieve your business goals. Our rich experience grained helping companies of all sizes in various industries and proven ‘business-needs-first’ approach enable us to deliver the highest ROI on Salesforce Marketing Cloud.

Hope you liked this post. How do you use Salesforce Marketing Cloud to achieve business success? We’d love to know.

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