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How to Position Your Business as a Market Leader with Salesforce CI/CD?

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Monica Barthalomeo,

July 13, 2022

How to Position Your Business as a Market Leader with Salesforce CI/CD?

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Today, companies are embracing digital transformation and automation at scale to improve their productivity and become more customer-centric. If you want to launch a new product, manually developing the entire application will result in significant delays.

Automation is the answer to this issue. In this blog, we’ll delve deeper into how Salesforce CI/CD can help you achieve success and establish your business as a market leader in detail.

What Does This Blog Contain?

  • A brief introduction to Salesforce CI/CD suite
  • A list of 8 ways Salesforce CI/CD helps you become a market leader

What is Salesforce CI/CD Suite?

Salesforce CI/CD suite is an essential element of a DevOps pipeline that is fully optimized and helps your company emerge as a leader in your industry and market. By combining the capabilities of Salesforce with DevOps, you can enhance the efficiency of your development team by increasing its reach.

8 ways Salesforce CI/CD suite positions you as a leader

8 Sure Shot Ways Salesforce CI/CD (Salesforce & DevOps) Positions You As A Market Leader

I) Helps You Penetrate The Market Faster

Market rewards pioneers – those who make it a point to release a new product or service. This establishes you as an innovator and thought leader – it creates a buzz for your brand and makes your target audience look to you for solutions in the future.

Unlike other product suites, Salesforce CI/CD Suite expedites your processes and helps you save time. CI/CD accelerates the process of transitioning an update or application from the testing stage to the deployment stage, thereby increasing your overall project speed.

II) Enhances Your End-User Experience

Salesforce CI/CD suite enables you to test your code as and when it is generated in phases. This suite runs a series of tests and compiles the results into a single repository; it helps validate functionality and root out potential errors, thereby, eliminating any negative impact on your product.

This ensures a smooth end-user experience and makes your product highly reliable as it is tested very early in the lifecycle. Further, it makes users of the product look out for your future product releases, thereby enhancing your brand recall.

III) Increases Your Product Release Potential

Releasing high-quality products that deliver delightful user experiences goes a long way in enhancing the awareness of your brand; it makes your target audience anticipate and wait for your releases, making your product one of the most discussed topics.

You can use automated DevOps tools such as CI/CD to expedite your product development process without compromising on quality; They allow you to release several products in a year and address user issues in real-time.

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IV) Ensures Good Data Security

Ransomware, malware, phishing and various other types of cyberattacks raise serious security concerns that businesses need to address every day. If you don’t take adequate measures to ensure the safety of your customers’ data, they could lose faith in your business.

For this reason, you need to ensure the highest level of data security. Salesforce CI/CD suite comes with robust data safety features that address a wide variety of data security issues very effectively.

V) Helps Come Up With Product Updates Rapidly

Responding swiftly to your customers when they face any challenges with your product usage goes a long way in making your business customer-centric. Introducing updates to address customer issues rapidly can be a game-changer for your brand and plays a key role in earning the trust of your clients.

With the Salesforce CI/CD suite, you can develop updates to your products very quickly by automating both the deployment and integration phases of your software development process.

VI) Facilitates Automation of Product Development Processes

It’s well-said that the success of an organization is the function of its people’s efficiency. By automating your processes, you can enable your team to shift its focus from attending to mundane tasks to performing activities critical to your business efficaciously.

Embracing automated DevOps tools like Salesforce CI/CD allows you to automate processes and minimize human intervention, allowing your people to concentrate on key business activities more effectively.

VII) Supports DevSecOps Efforts Effectively

Development, Security and Operations (DevSecOps) is an approach that brings development, security and operations teams on one page to integrate security aspects seamlessly into the pre-production and production phases of your product to optimize and streamline your efforts.

Salesforce CI/CD works very effectively even with a large system of specialized tools. So, it’s advisable to use Salesforce CI/CD along with other automated release management tools. You must centralize your overall product development by incorporating DevSecOps to derive more value from Salesforce CI/CD.

VIII) Fosters Continuous Growth

Each development pipeline is unique. Your development efforts will greatly benefit from continuous expansion and attention to DevOps tools. The Salesforce CI/CD suite helps you establish and solidify your place in the market as your company scales up.

By constantly producing high-quality applications and product releases, you can become the leader in the market you’re operating in and be ahead of the game. To achieve this, you must incorporate Salesforce CI/CD into your strategy.

As you can see, implementing the Salesforce CI/CD suite can help you become a market leader. At Solunus, we help you make the best use of the novel method to develop high-quality applications faster, cheaper and more efficiently. Our rich experience helping several firms across the industry spectrum leverage Salesforce CI/CD coupled with our strong focus on understanding your specific needs enables us to provide the right solution to the needs.

Hope you liked this post. How do you use Salesforce CI/CD? We’d love to know.

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