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How Salesforce Marketing Cloud Fuels Your B2B And B2C Marketing Campaigns

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Monica Barthalomeo,

April 29, 2022

How Salesforce Marketing Cloud Fuels Your B2B And B2C Marketing Campaigns

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Want to drive your organization’s efforts of selling, marketing, and customer engagement anytime, from any part of the world? Salesforce Marketing Cloud (SFMC) is your answer! SFMC is a holistic solution that presents all the technologies, tools, and immense capabilities that marketers need in this technologically-advanced age.

From email automation and inbound marketing to social listening and data consolidation, your team can benefit from the incredible capabilities of Salesforce Marketing Cloud. In this blog, we’ll understand how SFMC can drive your B2B and B2C marketing initiatives and help you achieve your business goals, in detail.

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How SFMC Boosts Your B2B And B2C Marketing Campaigns?

Optimize End-to-End Customer Journeys

As a robust planning tool, Journey Builder, a tool of SFMC, helps you design and automate your marketing campaigns effortlessly. If you’re currently using an online whiteboard for your customer journey maps and campaign planning, you can consider switching to Journey Builder to optimize your campaigns across all touchpoints be it single send, multi-step or transactional journeys. With the help of Salesforce Einstein AI for Marketing Cloud, you can come up with targeted marketing campaigns and track all your customer engagement metrics within the Journey builder interface.

Leverage New-age Marketing Channels (Digital Advertising and Mobile Marketing)

Using a single channel for reaching out to customers is now a thing of the past. Thanks to the incredible technology that has been transforming the landscape of businesses, marketers can now not only leverage email campaigns, social media marketing but also online advertising, mobile messaging and other digital channels to reach their customers. We’ll now look at how SFMC enables marketers to connect with customers and prospects across every touchpoint, thereby ensuring the success of their marketing campaigns.

Harness Unified Digital Advertising

You can enhance the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns at scale by combining both email and advertising to present a personalized cross-channel experience that is consistent and to increase your conversions significantly.

Today, most customers use their email addresses to sign into almost every app and social account. Marketers can run email campaigns and leverage them to redirect prospects to personalized advertisements on websites, mobile apps or social media channels. With Marketing Cloud, you can create targeted advertising campaigns that comply with the Personally Identifiable Information (PII) guidelines.

SFMC lets you launch synchronized digital display ad campaigns across Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter and YouTube. Also, you can design connected advertising journeys across mobile, e-mail, and Facebook. However, to implement this, you need to have the features of both Journey Builder and Advertising Studio enabled in your Marketing Cloud dashboard.

Reach Customers in Real Time with Mobile Marketing

Mobile marketing lies at the heart of every strong marketing strategy. Optimizing your WhatsApp and SMS messaging is equally important as optimizing your email content. This is what makes your mobile messaging a great experience. However, you need to bear in mind not to overload your customers with advertisements and invade their privacy.

Send hyper-personalized mobile messages that target prospects based on their proximity to your stores using Salesforce Marketing Cloud. For instance, your team can trigger and automate geofenced messaging when customers or prospects are exiting or entering a targeted area.

Similarly, you can also use low-energy beacons or Bluetooth devices to trigger specific offers when your prospects are about a foot or two away from your physical store. B2C businesses like restaurants can even send attractive notifications to customers featuring their event maps or menus using Salesforce Marketing Cloud.

Perfect Your SMS Marketing

MobileConnect is an SMS and MMS marketing tool that lets you create, receive, send and track text messages. With this tool, you can increase your customer engagement significantly.

You can use this tool to send relevant mobile messages that are instantly triggered; the messages can include welcome messages, promotional offers, appointment alerts and transaction alerts. With MobileConnect, you can trigger automatic replies that are time-sensitive and personalized using pre-existing templates and a drag-drop interface.

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Engage Your Customers Effectively Through Mobile Devices

Do you have an amazing app that you wish your audience interacted with and engaged with it more often? You can do all this and more with MobilePush from Salesforce. To improve your user engagement using your app, you need to glean user data from multiple channels and push notifications either through SMS, email or social media effectively. Here’s how MobilePush can help you.

  1. Send personalized and targeted push notifications
  2. Segment your mobile contacts easily
  3. Automate your campaigns with Automation Studio
  4. Empower location-based campaigns with beacons and geofenced messages
  5. Integrate push notifications into customer journeys using Journey Builder
  6. Get a complete picture of customer engagement with analytics
  7. Send app inbox and in-app messages

Use Analytics to Monitor Customer Engagement

As soon as you’ve synced MobileConnect and MobilePush with your campaigns and user activity across various channels, you need to quantify the customer engagement generated through mobile messaging.

You can use various metrics such as number of messages sent, number of messages opened and viewed by recipients, growth in the number of opted-in devices over the last 30 days and average time spent on your app to create reports.

Marketers can easily access these analytics in Marketing Cloud by navigating to the Reports section. Thus, you can keep your entire team informed about these details and use them to drive your engagement strategies at scale.

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Adopt Data-driven Marketing Tactics

Given the dynamic environment that marketers operate every single day, they need to quickly adapt data-driven marketing tactics to gain insights into what customer expectations, the effectiveness of marketing campaigns and the anticipated ROI to make accurate and faster decisions. Salesforce Marketing Cloud has powerful tools such as Interaction Studio, Customer Data Platform (CDP) and Datorama that are data-focused marketing solutions. Let’s dive deep to grasp how these tools can drive your marketing campaigns.

CDP: Drive Personalized Customer Experiences with Unified Customer Data

Want to drive contextual yet personalized customer experiences? Salesforce CDP is your answer! With CDP you can create excellent customer experiences by capturing, segmenting, unifying and activating every customer’s data across all the touchpoints.

Let’s understand how this solution can help you boost your B2B and B2C campaigns, in detail.

  • Create a single and consistent customer ID by unifying all your customer data across diverse devices, systems and teams (e-commerce systems, CRMs, email databases, etc.)
  • Get customer insights from various channels (viz, sales, marketing, and service interactions) to optimize all the live campaigns
  • Create specialized audience segments and analyze them by collating the first, second, and third party data.
  • Ensure that you advertise to the right buyer personas and segments across online ads, social platforms and go beyond the tailored content.
  • Make sure you don’t violate the customer’s privacy and comply with all applicable statutes such as GDPR and CCPA.

Interaction Studio: Achieve 1-to-1 Engagement at Scale with Real-time Customer Data

Interaction Studio, also known as Marketing Cloud Intelligence, is a real-time personalization tool that can help you enhance your marketing efforts in the following ways

  • Coordinate Engagement Across Channels

Every piece of information that you learn about a prospect or a customer in Interaction Studio can help you anticipate the next step they will take, be it online or offline. With such information at hand, you can tailor a promotional email or any other content to nudge the customer down the sales funnel.

  • Capture Individual Customer Insights with Data

Interaction Studio can be used to swiftly capture customer data from almost every available source. Thus, it empowers you to learn about the behavior of each customer and prospect.

  • Make Real-time Decisions

Powered by Einstein, an in-built AI engine, Interaction Studio makes customer data more meaningful by running customizable algorithms, in real time. You can get recommendations about content, products, brands, categories and many other aspects to enable one-to-one interactions between the customer and your brand.

  • Test and Analyze Experiences

If you’re looking to optimize your customer engagement efforts, Interaction Studio is the ideal tool for you. You can use the application to review the performance of your campaigns seamlessly.

Datorama: Optimize B2B and B2C Marketing Performance with Datorama

Gaining insights from robust marketing intelligence is every marketer’s dream With Salesforce, you can gain access to use marketing intelligence insights at your fingertips. Datorama is equipped with the world’s biggest marketing-focused API library that empowers marketers to do the following.

  1. Integrate customer data from the search, social, video, display, programmatic advertising and email platforms, and your CRM and web analytics tools seamlessly.
  2. Use statistical analysis and automated regression modeling methods to get insights from data within a fraction of a minute.
  3. Connect marketing data irrespective of its format, where it’s saved or how much it changes with time.
  4. Customize reports and dashboards that capture data including KPIs across various teams, channels, campaigns and investments to empower all decision-makers including the CMO.

How Can Marketers Leverage Marketing Cloud Intelligence (Datorama) to Optimize Their B2B and B2C Campaigns?

  • Marketers can view KPIs pertaining to web analytics, CRM, paid advertisements and email messaging, all in a single place to get the big picture of all their marketing efforts. You can dive deep into these insights and segregate them based on campaigns and types of campaigns to learn what’s working and what’s not. With these in-built AI recommendations, marketers can always monitor their KPIs.
  • Connect your product data, point of sale and e-commerce platform to effectively align all your marketing efforts to achieve high levels of growth and ensure transparency.
  • Datorama’s channel scorecard view can be used to analyze performance, media spend and response across each channel. Also, it helps you normalize your ROI across various channels with an index score, thereby allowing you to understand and identify how your channels stack up against one another.
  • Datorama lets you view the KPIs for conversion, engagement and spending across campaigns; you use the KPIs to determine which campaigns are delivering the desired results. Marketers can optimize budget allocations and campaigns by leveraging AI-enabled recommendations.
  • Learn how various cross-channel activities, sales and conversions are helping you achieve your business goals all from a single, comprehensive dashboard.

As you can see, Salesforce Marketing Cloud helps you drive real-time customer engagement across various channels, align marketing and sales efforts, segment audiences and ensure high levels of personalization, thereby enabling you to achieve business success.

At Solunus, we help you make the best use of Marketing Cloud. Our experts will help you develop a highly effective strategy to help you harness the immense potential of the Salesforce application to deliver delightful experiences to your clients.

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