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How Artificial Intelligence Is Helping Enterprises Tackle Customer Service Challenges

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Shalini Shrivastava,

July 10, 2020

How Artificial Intelligence Is Helping Enterprises Tackle Customer Service Challenges

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Delivery of effective customer support is arguably the most critical element of a strong customer relationship. Companies know very well about the importance of customer support; therefore, they always try to provide quick and efficient customer service.

In business, it is said that retaining an existing customer is six times cheaper than acquiring a new one. Therefore, a company has to invest extra resources, money, and time to maintain the existing customer list. Although it seems costly in the real sense, it will prove cheaper.

This scenario underscores the need to offer excellent customer service. Some business philosophers consider customer service as the heart of any business. Exceptional services make your customers feel valued and respected, enabling you to become more competitive and attract new customers.

Every day, customers leave their queries and interact with your business. These interactions may create particular challenges.

The challenges include finding the right answers to customers’ questions, ensuring a customer service representative is always available to answer the questions, understanding customer needs, and dealing with irate customers. Resolving these challenges can consume a lot of time and effort.

How Artificial Intelligence (AI) Helps Resolve The Challenges?

AI plays a vital role in the automation of customer support by improving customer satisfaction and brand loyalty. It is the best way to resolve customer problems and provide relevant information quickly.

The primary purpose of using AI in customer service is to provide personalized information about products. More than 50% of customers buy products upon recommendations from company representatives to meet their needs.

In the past, it was hard to collect adequate data about user experiences with products. Companies need this data to make the required improvements to the products to meet customer demands.

Automated bots help collect information automatically by analyzing customer reviews. AI makes it much easier to collect user experience data efficiently and helps save employees’ time for other tasks.

Ensuring customer convenience is another crucial element in acquiring new customers. Customers are most likely to buy your product if they get all the information they need without hassles.

Again, AI is the best solution to enable a seamless selection of products and add them to a ‘wish list’ of products for a later purchase.

In the following sections of this post, we will see how AI helps improve customer service. We will also examine Salesforce Einstein Analytics, an AI-powered analytics program, in detail. But first, let’s try to understand what AI is all about.

AI — Ushering in the Era of the Thinking Machine

AI is the competency of a computer or a computer-controlled machine to perform different tasks assigned to them, just like humans. Bots are prepared with complicated programming based on various human abilities like learning, thinking, searching, and implementing. AI-powered bots are loaded with different components that enable them to analyze, understand, manipulate and generate information.

Benefits of Using AI to Deliver Customer Service

There are various ways by which AI helps improve customer experiences. Listed below are a few (in fact, there are many more). Let’s take a look at them.

Benefits of Using AI to Deliver Customer Service
  • Quick Responses

Most customers don’t like to wait long to talk to a customer care representative; delays can be irritating, especially when it is easy to find the required information.

AI-based bots are handy to provide quick responses to various questions that customers ask frequently.

Furthermore, bots can also suggest various articles and other pieces of content relevant to customers’ queries. In addition to quick responses, the availability of 24X7 customer support gives mental satisfaction to customers.

  • Cost Cutting

AI helps industries reduce the size of their customer support teams, and this eventually reduces costs. AI-based tools can store answers to various customer queries and respond to a bulk of inquiries with minimal expenditure.

It is also easy for machines to identify customer needs and provide specific information efficiently. This goes a long way in saving employees’ time, which can be used to perform other works, resulting in additional benefits.

  • Accuracy and Consistency

Most AI-powered machines are loaded with standard algorithms that are capable of using historical data. Using powerful algorithms makes it easy for these machines to capture accurate information by examining massive amounts of data. AI is capable of processing an enormous amount of data with zero errors.

Fast information processing is the key benefit of using AI; users can get accurate and precise analyses on which they can rely. All AI-based tools are capable of crunching large volumes of data with their mighty processing power.

Furthermore, these tools are capable of making different predictions that help get more accurate insights.

  • Customer Insights

AI-powered bots not only provide instant and accurate information to customers but also help engage them. While chatting with customers, chatbots can analyze customer behavior, learn about their preferences, and identify their interest areas. All this data will help deliver better information to customers in the future and enhance user experiences.

This customer information also enables companies to compile data about their products that users usually want to know. It also indicates modifications required for specific products and helps identify products with more complaints. This enables companies to provide better customer support and manage marketing strategies more effectively.

  • Effective Multilingual Customer Support

Many companies operate internationally, and customers across the world contact their support teams regularly. Therefore, the support teams must be able to speak different languages.

Chatbots are the perfect tools to deliver customer service to global customers; AI-powered applications are coded to provide answers accurately in different languages.

What is Salesforce Einstein Analytics?

Salesforce Einstein Analytics

Salesforce Einstein Analytics is a secure and effective cloud-based program to analyze iterative data investigations with the help of dynamic visualization layers on underlying data sets in Salesforce. It is also called Salesforce Analytics Cloud.

The cloud-based analytics powerhouse can present information optimally on multiple devices; users of tablet computers and smartphones can resize the screen to enjoy optimal viewing experiences.

All these functionalities come at a fair price and are designed to fulfill the requirements of diverse users. Hence, we can say Salesforce Einstein Analytics is ideal for medium to large businesses to meet their needs, irrespective of the deployment method.

The specialty of Salesforce Einstein Analytics is that it does not merely reveal patterns and trends in data sets but also provides the rationale of those trends.

Using this tool, you can comfortably develop plans and instantly react to different situations. This is the main reason that Salesforce Einstein Analytics will soon become the most favorite tool of companies.

Salesforce Einstein Analytics can be used as a standalone product or accessed as part of the Salesforce productivity kit.

How Does Salesforce Einstein Analytics Work?

Salesforce Einstein Analytics is directly connected to Salesforce CRM data and generates reports and dashboards. You can also get connected to other CRM data to create a bigger picture of business intelligence.

The tool offers easy access to attractive business opportunities and helps identify areas of improvement. This will enable your organization to flourish and grow.

Why is all this important? A person cannot secure what he cannot see. Further, if he cannot see what is going on in applications, he cannot understand his performance or his organization’s performance.

Similarly, he cannot identify the root causes of problems. Also, he cannot find sources of best practices. Salesforce will allow the user to answer questions related to security, compliance, usage and adoption, and performance.

There are several questions we often think about – Are employees leaving exported data before their departure? Who logged in today? Who did not log in today? These questions can be answered quickly using an application called Event Monitoring Analytics.

A Few Key Benefits of Salesforce Einstein Analytics

Salesforce Einstein Analytics facilitates data analysis using an engine built on the platform of, which offers numerous benefits to users.

The system interacts with the infrastructure of the user’s software at the back end. It integrates seamlessly with other Salesforce products.

No complicated training and setup is required for processing data. Given below are some of the key benefits of using Salesforce Einstein Analytics.

A Few Key Benefits of Salesforce Einstein Analytics
  • Explore Data from Anywhere: This tool gives the user the freedom to access and monitor data from any source. Dashboard and other built-in apps enable the user to explore patterns in data, answer the arising query, designate the task of sales and close the service case — all these can be performed in a single ecosystem of Salesforce. It also helps the user slice and dices the data in their mobile devices. Salesforce Einstein Analytics’ mobile-friendly design is the very first of its kind.
  • Circumstantial Recommendations and Responses: Einstein Analytics comes with an application called Einstein Discovery that allows users to embed AI-powered answers, recommendations, and explanations. It analyses a vast number of data combinations in a short time, helping you understand what happened and how it happened. It can also give a prediction about what is expected to occur, based on the available data. These features allow sales and service teams to get contextual answers.
  • Access Integrated Solutions: Einstein Analytics integrates itself with the user’s Salesforce Cloud and Service Cloud. It simplifies the process of data exploration to identify trends and visualize the parameters of performance indicators. Furthermore, Einstein Analytics comes with different applications to meet various industries’ needs and their business functions. The user can use the right application for his business and control his CRM data.
  • Manage Quick Response Systems: The application Agent Workspace provides the complete picture of all the work done in one place. The application lets the user get into customer profiles to view case histories and update them; he can also create cases and collaborate with his team. Agent Workspace helps identify issues on services quickly and enables users to respond appropriately.
  • Centralize KPIs on a Single Screen: Salesforce Einstein Analytics centralizes all information on a single screen. It means every employee of the organization can see the same screen on his device. Team members can identify customer and product issues, thereby predicting relevant risks. The organization can offer personalized services and predict customer satisfaction based on its Salesforce data.
  • Work Efficiently Using Analyzed Information in Your Workspace: Einstein Analytics helps managers make informed decisions about each customer conversation, using analytics. Managers can efficiently work using prebuilt dashboards. These dashboards populate CRM data automatically. It allows agents of organizations to visualize business case volumes, chatbot performance, worker activity, and backlog analyses.
  • Immediate Actions For Enhancing Customer Experience: Salesforce Einstein Analytics helps managers resolve cases quickly by predicting trends making customers happy. They can act upon those trends efficiently. It also allows managers and agents to create tasks, update records, collaborate, and escalate cases without shifting between disconnected analytics tools.


AI plays a vital role in revolutionizing customer service. Various companies had already integrated this technology into their systems; they allocate simple tasks to machines to let their employees focus on other essential tasks.

Einstein Analytics helps derive the maximum benefit out of AI-enabled customer service. This system is supported by automated chatbots to provide precise and straightforward information to customers on a real-time basis.

The application is powered b a robust algorithm that helps companies get the desired output quickly.

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