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How Advanced Field Service Innovations Drive Efficiency with Data, CRM, and AI for Industries?

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Monica Barthalomeo,

May 17, 2023

How Advanced Field Service Innovations Drive Efficiency with Data, CRM, and AI for Industries?

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Salesforce has announced brand-new Salesforce Field Service innovations fueled by Einstein GPT and Data Cloud. These innovations will significantly reduce service costs and generate deep insights across various industries, including manufacturing, healthcare, and public sectors.

Be it at customers’ homes or businesses, field service teams are the ones who are on the frontline of interacting with customers, and each interaction is integral to building lasting customer relationships, which is why 86% of critical decision-makers believe that field service teams are crucial for business growth.

The latest field service innovations utilize the full potential of Service Cloud, real-time data, AI, automation, and Salesforce features to enable businesses to streamline their field service while improving customer experience. And these field service innovations are restricted to the manufacturing industry alone but extend their capabilities to the public sector and healthcare segments.

“With the rising customer expectations, frontline service teams are facing immense pressure across all industries,” said Taksina Eammano, GM and EVP of Field Service, Salesforce. “The recent Field Service Innovations will enable businesses to enhance productivity with generative AI and real-time data, and implement the same to scale up their strategy and cement their customer relationships.”

Benefits of New Field Service Innovations for Businesses:

1) Field Service Mobile fueled by Einstein GPT

Einstein GPT will empower frontline service team members to handle customer service requests and improve their productivity and efficiency. Here are three ways how Einstein GPT powers Field Service.

  • Auto-composing reports:

Field service teams are always on the run to plan, execute, and document every customer issue and resolution, which is time-consuming. In industry segments that require customers to sign off in the after-visit summaries, Salesforce Einstein GPT saves the time of field service reps by auto-composing reports, thus, speeding up the process.

  • Faster case swarming:

The field service mobile now allows users to swarm customer work orders and requests in Slack that use the pre-built functions from the Salesforce Component Library to personalize field mobile experiences for performing tasks like managing timesheets, finding nearby spare parts, and more.

  • Developing guides and tutorials:

Einstein GPT is a valuable tool capable of developing self-service tools like step-by-step guides and knowledge articles for on-the-job training purposes. This information needs to be passed down with the latest information to the new joiners, enabling new field service reps to acquire the necessary knowledge about the required skills to get the job done.

2) Asset service management backed up by Data Cloud

Asset service management uses predictive usage-based maintenance and real-time data to ensure the complex equipment operates. One of the best use cases to showcase the benefit of asset service management backed up by Data Cloud is it enables utility service providers to schedule network upkeep proactively, which increases the lifespan of expensive infrastructure and minimizes preventable maintenance issues.

3) Contractor Management with Flex Worker Management

This lets businesses scale contractor workforce quickly and deploy them based on distance, available tools, and skills. A perfect use case for Flex Worker Management would be where municipalities can use this tool to hire interim contractors and send them to address specific maintenance issues.


  • Field Service backed up by Einstein GPT will be available in the beta version by December 2023.
  • Contractor Management with Flex Worker Management is now generally available.
  • Asset Service Management backed up by Data Cloud is anticipated to be available in beta version by December 2023.

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