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Dreamforce 2022: Highlights, Product Launches, Fun & More!

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Monica Barthalomeo,

September 27, 2022

Dreamforce 2022: Highlights, Product Launches, Fun & More!

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Talk about innovation, community and inclusive growth – Dreamforce comes to mind. Just like all the other years, Dreamforce 2022 was everything innovative and making it easy for businesses to serve customers better! With 150,000+ online attendees and 40,000+ in-person delegates, Dreamforce is proud to complete 20 years of learning and enriching everyone in the Salesforce environment. And, thus, it is always leading and showing the business world direction when it comes to the CRM industry.

From IT, technology and media, financial services and retail to consumer goods, education, women empowerment and sustainability, Dreamforce literally covered most of the aspects that directly influence the world in many ways. Here are the major highlights of Dreamforce 2022.

Dreamforce 2022 Highlights

1. Salesforce Genie

Harmonizing data by every millisecond has never been easy. With Salesforce Genie, you get unified customer profiles and grasp data insights about your customers in real time. Thus, it helps you deliver even more personalized experiences to your customers. If you’re thinking that Genie is just another Customer Data Platform (CDP), you’re mistaken. The novel product takes customer data to a whole new level as it updates customer data from all touchpoints in real time.

The ability to serve customers better and create hyper-personalized experiences is a true game changer for your business in today’s world. In simple words, Salesforce Genie collects data from all data streams in your business, harmonizes it in real time, helps customers engage with your products better and create a delightful experiences for each one of them.

2. Net Zero Marketplace

Salesforce is a big advocate of sustainability. In addition to becoming a net zero company in 2021, the CRM giant now launched Net Zero Marketplace to help companies and individuals become more sustainable by enabling them to offset their carbon emissions with carbon credits.

Backed up by Salesforce Commerce Cloud, Net Zero Marketplace connects buyers with ecopreneurs and offers them a range of projects to choose from apart from offering a seamless e-commerce experience during the purchase.

While all the projects would be centered around forestry and agricultural sectors, this marketplace is anticipated to launch 90 mega projects across 11 countries. These projects will go a long way in combating climate change. To validate and verify these projects, Salesforce partnered with Sylvera and Calyx Global.

3. New Slack Features

Salesforce has added brand new features to Slack, which make it more business-friendly and help companies boost their productivity.

Here are some of the new features.

  • Slack Canvas

Get information, find answers and move your work forward – that’s what Slack Canvas is all about! The innovative feature supplements real-time and linear collaboration among various channels and offers you a permanent place to capture all your information and resources about a particular subject at any given time.

When you pair Slack Canvas with Customer 360, it does wonders to your business. Your team can not only import data from Customer 360, but also automate critical business workflows with forms and buttons instantly. Whether it is launching marketing campaigns or onboarding new hires, your marketing, sales and service teams can increase productivity, maximize effectiveness and accelerate team selling effortlessly.

  • Slack Huddles

Slack huddles is an audio-only capability that facilitates seamless collaboration; you can use the innovative feature to organize team huddles, conduct brainstorming sessions, share updates instantly and organize virtual get-togethers.

  • Slack for Developers

The future of work is now more collaborative and simpler with Slack for Developers. Developers can create modular functions that automate their work entirely in Slack, come up complex workflows and design triggers to kick off and automate them as and when required.

4. Amazon SageMaker

Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Salesforce announced new integrations between Amazon SageMaker and the latter’s CRM platform. The integrations will allow Salesforce customers to use SageMaker’ Machine Learning (ML) enabled modeling capabilities along with Salesforce Einstein to build brand new AI models to meet their specific needs in real time.

Simply put, your developers and data scientists will have seamless access to cleansed, unified and real-time data in addition to the data lake from AWS that willhelp them build and train ML models in Amazon SageMaker by using the tools or frameworks of their choice. These customized ML models can be used to power insights and predictions for customers.

5. Solunus At Dreamforce

Mr. Banu Ramamurthy, CTO at Solunus Inc., was at Dreamforce this year. Here’s his take on the Financial services keynote:

“A personal highlight for me was attending the Financial Services Keynote: Secure Customers for Life. Mark Sullivan set the stage for an interesting conversation around ’the moments that matter’ – a theme that all speakers echoed. He highlighted how customers may feel disconnected as they see their savings dwindle while traditional banks remain profitable. The other type of disconnect is how our experiences today are mostly real-time, but not so much when dealing with financial institutions. Sim Tshabalala, CEO of Standard Bank spoke about how they use Salesforce to contextually drive engagement with their customers ‘in the moment’. Erin Agrios, SVP & GM of financial services at Salesforce, brought this to life. Many years back, I blogged about reimagining the onboarding experience at a bank – Erin showed how this can be realized today with significantly less effort on the Salesforce platform using Genie. Finally, it was also very exciting to see the partnership with Junior Achievement, an organization I have volunteered for in the past that enables financial inclusion through financial literacy.”

6. Giving Back to The Society

Dreamforce was not all just about innovations. Salesforce hosted Dreamfest – the official celebration of Dreamforce, which featured a live concert by Red Hot Chili Peppers. The proceeds generated from the event were donated to the USCF Benioff Children’s Hospitals.

Thousands of sessions educating and prepping various Salesforce professionals, Dreamforce is truly that force that fuels the entire Salesforce ecosystem with cutting-edge technology, innovations, and ideas that empower companies to serve their customers better. If you didn’t attend this mega-event, you need to be there next year to experience the vibes in-person. For more insights on how Solunus can help you with your Salesforce needs, get in touch with our team!

Hope you liked this post. What are your favorite picks of Dreamforce 2022? We’d love to know.

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