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Dreamforce 2020 TX — Trailblazing Success

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Phani Madhav Chegu,

December 21, 2020

Dreamforce 2020 TX — Trailblazing Success

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For years, Dreamforce, Salesforce’s annual user conference has been the occasion to share information, exchange views and learn about Salesforce best practices; Dreamforce 2020 is no different. The mega event, which was held virtually, enabled Salesforce users across the world to connect and discuss their experiences. It was indeed a wonderful experience participating in the online user fest.

One of the highlights of Dreamforce 2020 is the four-day session Trailblazer Experiences (TX). TX was held to facilitate members of the Salesforce community to interact with their peers and talk about their experiences with the Salesforce platform and how they adopted to the new normal to overcome the effects of COVID-19. The session also saw leaders of various companies share their stories of success and provided valuable information about the latest innovations on the Salesforce platform. Dreamforce 2020 TX was a grand success with representatives from more than 60 companies taking an active part in its deliberations.

Today, we will look at some of key aspects discussed during the four-day conference.

Day 1

The first day of Dreamforce 2020 TX witnessed participants sharing their experiences with Salesforce Customer 360, a platform that enables organizations to use various Salesforce applications and create a unified customer ID and get a comprehensive, integrated view of the customer. Here are some of the key points discussed on the inaugural day.

Harnessing the capabilities of Salesforce to create a single source of truth

Single source of truth is an organizational concept to ensure everyone in a company makes decisions based on the same business data. To implement this concept, a business must ensure all its people can access one source that stores all the data they require.

The participants of Dreamforce 2020 TX highlighted how Salesforce Customer 360 enables organizations to create a single source of truth; they shared their experiences of using the innovative platform to authenticate, manage, segment and govern data. They revealed how this data, when made available across the organization facilitates effective decisions.

Making sense of tons of data to facilitate the right decisions at the right time

A CEO rightly remarked the modern enterprise is a maze of data – with vast quantities of customer and marketing information flooding corporate databases, it is important to analyze the data effectively, in real time to gain the winning edge.

Dreamforce TX 2020 became the occasion for business leaders to describe how they used Tableau CRM to analyze data quickly. They were all praise for the application that allows business users to construct complex data models and analyze huge volumes of information with just a few clicks.

Automating processes seamlessly to maximize productivity and the bottom line

Process automation is the need of the hour. As companies across the world try to boost productivity levels and cut costs in a big way, they need to use the right tools to automate their business processes quickly, with minimal disruption. The representatives of companies attending the TX program pointed out the release of Einstein Automate at Dreamforce 2020 will be a game-changer in the sphere of process automation; they believe the ability of the tool to automate processes involving multiple systems and coding is truly revolutionary.

Day 2

Empowering customers to purchase through the channel of their choice

The pandemic transformed the way B2B buyers connect with companies; many purchasers choose multiple channels to interact with businesses, and the attendees of Dreamforce 2020 TX emphasized the need to deliver excellent buying experiences, irrespective of the channel used.

The participants shared how Salesforce Commerce Cloud helped them ensure hassle-free customer journeys, by enabling customers to connect anytime, anywhere – the innovative capabilities enabled them to facilitate effective customer self-service and provide contextualized engagement, thereby delight their clients.

Obtaining a single view of the customer to provide solutions fully tailored to their needs

Customer expectations have changed dramatically with the advent of the pandemic. The participants at Dreamforce 2020 TX highlighted today’s customers accept nothing short of a solution that is fully customized to meet their unique needs.

The attendees revealed how they used Mulesoft and Salesforce Service Cloud to get a 360-degree view of each customer to provide a completely-personalized solution. The innovative Salesforce applications also enable them to ensure a fully-connected agent experience, ensuring ultra-high levels of customer satisfaction.

Day 3

The penultimate day of Dreamforce 2020 TX conference saw participants discuss the role of digital transformation in ensuring high levels of profitability and customer success. They shared their experiences of embracing digital technologies and how it helped them ensure rapid growth. The following were discussed prominently on the third day of the online trailblazer conclave.

Unleashing the world of mobile apps to meet customer needs

The B2B business community is increasingly looking to mobile apps to meet customer needs. Participants of the TX summit pointed out to Salesforce’s acquisition of Slack, announced earlier at the Dreamforce 2020 user fest and opined the event will be a game-changer in the world of mobile apps.

The attendees pointed out the deal will enable them to use more than 4000 apps from Salesforce and were very excited at the possibility of integrating a multitude of third-party mobile apps with Salesforce. They were also upbeat at the unparalleled levels of flexibility offered by the acquisition to developers of mobile apps.

Accelerating revenue growth with the new Salesforce Revenue Cloud

For years, companies across the world have been trying to optimize their revenue efficiencies with varied degrees of success. The attendees of Dreamforce 2020 TX summit believe the new Salesforce Revenue Cloud will go a long way in helping them grow seamlessly, thanks to its groundbreaking capabilities. The participants pointed out Salesforce Revenue Cloud will enable them to streamline and accelerate route pricing processes and build a highly flexible billing system; they also highlighted the product’s ability to automate revenue lifecycles, which ensures high levels of business efficiency and growth.

Day 4

Salesforce Trailhead is all about enabling users acquire the skills needed to make the best use of the Salesforce platform, and the final day of the Dreamforce 2020 TX conference was full of sessions that help the users sharpen the saw. Here are a couple of key learnings.

Facilitating innovation faster with Einstein Automate

Today’s businesses need to come up with intelligent workflows that help use critical, complex processes to deliver delightful customer experiences. The companies need to ensure data integration across systems and automate processes to improve organizational productivity.

Experts at Dreamforce 2020 TX explained how Einstein Automate enables companies to meet these needs. They demonstrated how AI-powered bots, flows and components empower organizations to provide transformational customer experiences. They also showed how data can be integrated from any cloud-based, hybrid or on-the-premise systems. The specialists also taught the participants how they can use Einstein Automate’s pre-built library containing more than 700 automation resources to drive performance and growth.

Building insightful reports with minimal effort

We all know effective, timely reporting goes a long way in enabling business managers take the right decisions that facilitate rapid growth. Salesforce users can utilize the capabilities of the platform to generate real time reports that provide all the information they need about their business.

Industry veterans showed attendees of Dreamforce 2020 TX how reports could be created very quickly using various report types built into the Salesforce Lightning platform. They shared practical tips that help users of the platform to convert business data into user-friendly reports.

As you can see Dreamforce 2020 TX provided a venue to Salesforce users across the world to share their experiences and pick up skills that enable them to improve efficiency and enhance the bottom line. It was indeed a memorable event.

Hope you enjoyed this post. How do you connect with your peers and develop your skills? We’d love to know.

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