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Automating the Quoting Process Using Salesforce CPQ (Case Study)

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Phani Madhav Chegu,

September 16, 2021

Automating the Quoting Process Using Salesforce CPQ (Case Study)

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A major challenge faced by many companies in the Banking, Financial Services and Insurance (BFSI) sector is generating quotes seamlessly. Many organizations in this key sector of the economy use manual quoting processes. This results in frequent errors and low quoting efficiency, affecting their bottom line adversely.

Financial organizations can overcome this problem by automating their quoting process effectively, using a robust tool. Today, we’ll see how Solunus enabled a leading insurance services provider to automate their quoting process by implementing Salesforce, helping it increase productivity and improve revenues considerably.

About the Client

The client is a world-leading provider of life insurance services, based in Brooklyn, NY. They have been serving more than 75 million customers in 130 countries. The company has an annual revenue of more than 40 billion USD.

Project Overview

The client approached us to develop a robust solution to automate their quoting process. The insurance company also wanted to resolve various problems resulting from the use of multiple applications and scale up their existing systems to meet growing business needs.

Challenges Faced by the Client

  • The client used a manual quoting process, and this was affecting their productivity badly
  • They lacked standard quote templates, resulting in data inconsistencies
  • The company used multiple systems, and this led to data integration problems
  • Their existing systems could not cater to growing business requirements ​
  • The customer was not able to accommodate frequent changes in the business environment

Solution Provided by Solunus

As part of our tailor-made solution for the analytics company, we implemented Salesforce CRM with Configure, Price, Quote (CPQ). Our team also streamlined the pricing model of the company to improve their quoting efficiency. The solution also included the following.

1. Development of Templates to Capture Quote and Opportunity Related Information

Our specialists worked with the client to create templates; the templates went a long way in enabling the insurance firm record information pertaining to quotes and opportunities seamlessly.

2. Creation of an Efficacious Framework to Integrate Pricing Mechanisms

We came up with a highly effective framework to help the customer integrate complex mechanisms used to price their products with back-office systems, to enhance productivity.

3. Setting Up a Portal to Help the Company’s Customers Make Changes to Policies

Our team developed a very user-friendly portal that allowed the insurance provider’s clients to add, modify and cancel benefits.

4. Implementation of a System to Facilitate Bulk Renewals of Policies

We implemented a highly efficient, batch-based system to enable the customer complete bulk renewals of life insurance policies at one go.

Business Results

  • 35% Improvement in Productivity
  • 40% Increase in Quoting Accuracy
  • 23% Growth in Up-selling Revenue

What Can BFSI Firms Expect by Partnering with Solunus?

  • 45% Faster Stakeholder Collaboration
  • 35% Growth in Sales Productivity
  • 190% ROI on Salesforce
  • 40% Reduction in Decision-making Time

About Solunus

Solunus is a dedicated Salesforce partner organization, headquartered in Dallas, Texas. Our unrelenting focus on comprehending the unique needs of our clients coupled with our unrivaled expertise of the Salesforce platform enables us to deliver the perfect solutions that create the best value for IT and business analytics firms.