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A Love Letter to Salesforce Financial Services Cloud from a Bank’s CTO

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Phani Madhav Chegu,

August 21, 2020

A Love Letter to Salesforce Financial Services Cloud from a Bank’s CTO

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Jim is the Chief Technology Officer (CTO) of a large Manhattan-based multinational banking company, which provides a wide variety of financial services to customers in more than 60 countries across the world. The bank wanted to develop a robust, hassle-free mobile-enabled system, which would allow it to streamline its processes and enable its customers to transact quickly, with minimal effort. The bank examined various alternatives to create the system it needed, and finally zeroed-in on Salesforce Financial Services Cloud.

The solution was an instant hit – Salesforce Financial Services Cloud was adopted widely throughout the organization, and employees of the banking and financial services major find it very easy to use, unlike the multiple siloed, cumbersome applications they were using earlier. The management team could get valuable insights into customer preferences.

It is now exactly two years since the bank started using Salesforce Financial Services Cloud, and Jim is enamored by the powerful, yet easy-to-use application for the world of finance. Last Friday, he has expressed his feelings to the Salesforce application in a letter. Here are his feelings in his own words.

My Lovely Salesforce Financial Services Cloud,

It is now two years since I first met you. Honestly speaking, I wasn’t very convinced when people from my department were heaping praise on you; I didn’t really believe you could help me do everything they were telling. But, all my apprehensions were gone in just a week after our first meeting. You are indeed the personification of the elegance of Salesforce and a god-sent for banking and financial companies. You have left many wonderful memories in these two years. My heart fills with joy when I think of them. You are:

Very friendly — our people truly adore you

We had a very tough time with the five legacy systems we were using before you arrived into our lives. The systems were disconnected and hard to use; things got so bad our employees preferred using Excel and other simple applications to these systems.

Everything changed when you came. No longer would people in our bank have to work on a myriad of Excel workbooks; all the financial records and other data they need is now available at their fingertips. Oh, Salesforce Financial Services Cloud! You truly made our lives a lot easier.

The favorite of our customers – they enjoy interacting with you

You are fully aware how important it is to enable customers transact easily. You help us provide seamless experiences to our customers, and they adore you. We have received plenty of feedback from our customers, hailing the remarkable improvement in the quality of service we provide. The credit for all this positivity goes to you, my dear Salesforce Financial Services Cloud; you are truly the delight of our customers.

You also know most millennial customers prefer banks and financial organizations that allow them to find the information they need and help them take the right investment decisions. You empower our customers with your best-in-the class customer self-service abilities to guide them to the right content they need and choose the products that perfectly meet their needs. Kudos to you!

Our green darling – our offices are completely paperless

I vividly remember how our office looked like before you came; it was a maze of files and documents, and our people had a torrid time updating and safekeeping them. But, all that changed, just within a few days after you arrived – we now have a fully automated office, and we can store and retrieve information with just a few clicks. You have transformed the very way we work.

Our bank is a socially-responsible organization, and we are well-known throughout the financial world for our commitment to support eco-friendly initiatives. You helped us reduce our carbon footprint to near-zero level, by making our office paperless. Many thanks, Salesforce Financial Services Cloud! You are indeed our green darling!

The eyes and ears of our company – we have all the insights we need

We had a very difficult time collecting and analyzing sales and customer data. The disconnect between various legacy systems coupled with the absence of a robust analytics capability prevented us from getting useful insights into our business.

Things have changed dramatically after we met you. You and your elder brother, the analytics software Salesforce Einstein Analytics, help us gather all the data and make sense of it, enabling us to launch new banking and financial services products. I’m amazed at the bond you share with Einstein Analytics. The relationship between you siblings is truly very smooth and strong.

An embodiment of mobility – all people need is a phone to get in touch

I’m sure you would agree with me the future of banking and finance is the mobile. As increasing numbers of people transact on their smartphones, the need to provide a seamless mobile experience has acquired paramount significance.

Three cheers to your parent Salesforce for grooming you into the ideal cloud-based application for the financial services realm. Our customers and employees alike find it very easy to reach you on their mobiles. You are the very embodiment of mobility!

The guardian of data – we feel very secure with you

You often talk to me about the significance of securing data in the banking and financial world; I fully understand why you believe ensuring the safety of the data is extremely important; our industry is arguably the most heavily regulated sector of the economy, and a breach of customer or confidential company data can have disastrous consequences – hefty fines running into hundreds of millions of dollars and loss of hard-built reputation.

But, I do not worry. I know you never let sensitive data fall into wrong hands. I and my colleagues in the financial services sector know Salesforce thoroughly trained you to ensure perfect security of information in the cloud. You have a very responsible parent, and you should be proud of it.

So, as you can see, you have transformed our lives forever. You are truly a boon for us in the banking and financial services sector. I should thank my friends at Solunus – the guys who told me about you. These folks have an amazing ability to help financial services organizations with cutting-edge cloud-powered Salesforce applications; the best thing about them is they understand business needs comprehensively, before coming up with a solution.

I end this letter by telling you I can’t wait for another 48 hours to see you, when the bank reopens on Monday. May we stay together forever.

Always Yours, Jim Adamson

About Solunus:

Solunus is a dedicated Salesforce partner organization, headquartered in Dallas, Texas. Our unrelenting focus on comprehending the unique needs of our clients coupled with our unrivaled expertise of the Salesforce platform enable us to deliver the perfect solutions that create the best value. Our unflinching commitment to quality and affordability has earned us a 100% Customer Satisfaction (CSAT) score from all our customers.