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6 Tools You Must Integrate with Salesforce to Maximize Productivity

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Phani Madhav Chegu,

October 20, 2022

6 Tools You Must Integrate with Salesforce to Maximize Productivity

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Salesforce is the most widely used Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system; a study by International Data Corporation (IDC) reveals the powerful IT platform is used by nearly 24% of businesses across the world. The immense popularity of Salesforce stems from its plethora of useful features, which allow companies to sell more and delight their customers. According to a report, companies that use the robust CRM system can make decisions approximately 38% faster, increase their sales revenues by as much as 25% and improve customer satisfaction levels by nearly 35%.

Top Six Salesforce Integration Tools To Boost Your Productivity

  1. Quip
  2. Ebsta
  3. ToutApp
  4. Icertis
  5. GetFeedback
  6. Conga Composer

One of the biggest advantages of using Salesforce is it can be integrated with a wide variety of applications to enhance organizational productivity; you can leverage middleware such as MuleSoft to connect various useful applications with the CRM powerhouse. Today, we’ll look at 6 novel applications you must integrate with Salesforce to boost organizational productivity.

6 Applications You Need to Integrate with Your Salesforce CRM to Enhance Efficiency

1. Quip – Ensure Seamless Collaboration Among Members of Your Team

Quip is a very user-friendly, mobile-first suite of applications that allows your people to chat, use spreadsheets and store documents easily; it helps your team members work together in an effective manner and complete more tasks without hassles. You can create a highly interactive and fully connected work environment by integrating Quip with Salesforce.

Many large organizations including leading financial institutions and technology firms have integrated Quip with their Salesforce systems, resulting in very high levels of productivity. The novel suite of tools helps users of Salesforce to share information pertaining to projects in real time and analyze reports with greater efficacy to gain a better understanding.

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2. Ebsta – Harness the Immense Power of Salesforce from Your Gmail Inbox

Ebsta is the ideal tool to integrate Salesforce applications with Gmail. Many users utilize the CRM system to handle customer and marketing data, manage workflows, develop reports and exchange information with various internal and external stakeholders. However, most communications are made using Gmail, and this forces the users to spend considerable amounts of time away from Salesforce, and this affects their productivity.

This problem can be resolved effectively using Ebsta. The innovative tool enables you to synchronize your e-mail application with Google Calendar, leverage e-mail templates of Salesforce and list tasks to follow up. The synchronization of Google Calendar will help you automatically create tasks in Salesforce. Ebsta also allows you to create personalized workflows with minimal effort.

3. ToutApp – Create a Log of E-mail Activities Automatically

E-mail is one of the most popular digital channels used by companies to reach out to their customers. ToutApp enables you to automatically track your e-mail activities with high efficacy. It also helps you send highly personalized e-mails rapidly, analyze how they engage recipients and take the right steps to produce the desired results. You can nurture your leads very efficaciously by sending e-mails containing relevant content at the right time.

The innovative application has an in-built phone and dialler, and by integrating it with your Salesforce system, you can allow your reps to call a prospect without leaving the CRM platform. ToutApp also helps you to prioritize sales activities, enhance the quality of content and convert leads more efficiently.

4. Icertis – Enable a Smooth Contract Lifecycle

Icertis is one of the best tools used to manage contract lifecycles. The powerful application can be natively integrated with Salesforce and provides excellent contract intelligence that empowers you to maximize revenues, ensure full compliance to applicable norms and reduce business risk considerably. Icertis allows you to connect various stakeholders and streamline contracts, shortening time to revenue in a big way. The innovative Contract Lifecycle Management (CLM) software helps you specify rules for standardizing contract creation and approval processes.

You can use Icertis to leverage Salesforce data to negotiate efficaciously and get good AI-enabled decision-making support. The tool also provides 100% visibility into past, present and pending business agreements and allows you to harness robust analytics across regions and contract categories.

5. GetFeedback – Obtain Instantaneous Feedback from Customers

The new-age customer expects firms to enable them to provide feedback in real time; a study by Salesforce reveals nearly 4 in 5 customers want companies to provide instantaneous responses to their queries. You can use the chat functionality provided by Salesforce to provide real-time support to your customers. However, at times, it may be difficult to gauge customer perception about an interaction, and this creates problems in measuring customer satisfaction.

This problem can be resolved effectively by integrating the application GetFeedback with your Salesforce system. The user-friendly Customer Experience Management (CXM) software enables you to obtain customer feedback through branded surveys in Salesforce Chat. GetFeedback puts the feedback in the right context and pushes them into the CRM system, enabling you to take the right steps to enhance customer satisfaction levels.

6. Conga Composer – Manage Salesforce Data Easily

We all know proper maintenance and timely updates to Salesforce data goes a long way in increasing productivity and obtaining actionable insights. You can use Conga Composer to update files in the CRM system without hassles. This useful tool helps you create and modify documents and reports quickly, with little effort. You can leverage Conga Composer to create and edit PowerPoint presentations, documents in MS-Word and HTML formats and MS-Excel workbooks.

You can integrate Conga Composer with various Salesforce applications such as Sales Cloud, Service Cloud and Salesforce 1. The tool enables you to perform all data-update-related tasks from a single platform, thereby allowing you enhance the productivity of your users.

As you can see, you will improve the productivity of your organization by integrating your Salesforce system with the 6 apps listed above. At Solunus, we help you make the best use of these and other cutting-edge tools to boost the efficiency of your team considerably. Our rich experience gained serving companies of all sizes across the industry spectrum and a meticulous approach that places business needs ahead of technology help us deliver the ideal Salesforce Integration solution that provides the best ROI.

Hope you liked this post. Which applications do you integrate with Salesforce to maximize your organization’s productivity? We’d love to know.

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