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Drive Sales Productivity and Revenues with Brand New Salesforce AI Tools

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Phani Madhav Chegu,

November 29, 2023

Drive Sales Productivity and Revenues with Brand New Salesforce AI Tools

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Jim is a sales rep of a large insurance company. His organization assigns quarterly targets to Jim and other members of its sales team. The insurance provider pays handsome incentives to its reps who meet their targets. Unfortunately, over the last several years, less than a third of the firm’s sales team was able to meet the targets set by the company and claim the incentives. In a vast majority of cases, the organization’s salespeople are bogged down by endless paperwork and a variety of non-selling activities such as lead prioritization, research of prospective customers’ needs and development of robust plans to convert prospects into dollar-giving customers.

Jim and his colleagues are not alone. A study shows most sales reps spend nearly three-fifths of their work week on performing mundane, repetitive and non-selling activities; no wonder, only less than 3 out of 10 sales professionals surveyed believe their teams will be able to meet stipulated annual quotas.

How can this problem be resolved effectively? What does it take to reduce the ‘non-sales-burden’ of reps to enable them to focus on increasing sales revenues with high efficacy? Companies need to utilize cutting-edge tools to automate repetitive tasks that add little value to their business, freeing up their salespeople to concentrate their energies on acquiring new customers.

Today, we’ll look at a few novel AI-powered capabilities, recently incorporated in Salesforce Sales Cloud, that go a long way in empowering you to maximize the productivity of your sales team.

Innovative New Salesforce Sales Cloud Tools to Supercharge Sales Revenues

User-friendly Digital Assistant to Minimize Time (and Effort) in Documenting Sales Tasks

One of the major tasks of a salesperson is conducting a thorough analysis of the prospect’s needs and updating the results of the analysis in his organization’s Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system. This can prove to be very daunting as the rep will be travelling most of his day. Most salespeople often lament they are left with no time to prepare for meetings with prospective customers, resulting in poor conversion rates.

Salesforce has come up with a very powerful, yet simple-to-use generative-AI-enabled tool that allows your salespersons to research the requirements of potential customers anytime, anywhere, in a highly effective manner, by accessing relevant data on their mobile devices to get the right insights. They can then document the findings of their research quickly, with minimal effort, and update the same in their CRM platform. The biggest advantage of this tool is it allows your reps to fully use their ‘dead time’ (time spent in travel) to get ready to handle upcoming client interactions very efficiently. The tool also helps your salespeople automatically extract details of meetings with prospects, enabling them to summarize the discussions fast and share with their team. Furthermore, the reps can harness the tool’s smart abilities to automate the drafting of commonly sent e-mails such as introductions and follow-ups ensuring appropriate choice of words.

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Intelligent Sales Prospecting Tool to Come Up with the Winning Engagement Strategy

We all know proper use of data pertaining to the prospect plays a key role in enabling sales reps to deliver high levels of engagement. Often, the reps have to combine data from multiple sources rapidly to determine the likelihood of the prospective customer making a purchase. For years, this proved to be a very challenging task as the salespersons lacked the right tools to make sense of the data in a timely manner, leading to the loss of potential selling opportunities.

You can use Salesforce’s feature-rich automated sales prospecting tool to help your salespeople unify data from multiple sources instantaneously. The tool allows your reps to categorize prospective clients based on various factors such as account segmentation, customer fit assessments and engagement scores. The salespersons can also determine when a potential customer is most likely to buy and act suitably; you can also factor in relevant information such as growth in the prospect’s business operations, which will influence the purchasing decision.

Real-time Indicators Powered by First-rate No-code Analytics to Enhance Rep Performance

It was often remarked sales success is driven by the ability to guess correctly, and rightly so. Salespeople had to rely on their instincts to formulate strategies – the lack of reliable, real-time data and the ability to process it without delay prevented reps from taking the right steps to close deals. Needless to say, their performance took a severe beating.

The AI-based analytics capabilities of Salesforce Sales Cloud put an end to this problem. Sales teams can now develop comprehensive models to analyze operational performance by collecting real-time data from various sources. The analytics capabilities have been specifically designed to meet the needs of non-technical sales personnel – all it takes to develop a robust data model is just a few clicks. It’s as simple as that.

As you can see, the latest additions to the AI-driven capabilities of Salesforce Sales Cloud allows your sales team to make the best use of data. They provide excellent support to your reps at all stages of the sales journey, enabling them to devote the lion’s share of their time to what matters the most – holding fruitful interactions with prospects to turn them into customers. At Solunus, we work with you to unleash the tremendous power of the novel Salesforce application to facilitate the rapid growth of your business. Our rich experience gained serving a multitude of clients in diverse sectors and our strong emphasis on comprehending your unique needs helps us deliver the perfect solution that ensures the best ROI.

Hope you like this post. How do you use Salesforce Sales Cloud to maximize rep productivity? We’d love to know.

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