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Salesforce Data Cloud – Empowering the Success of the New-age Enterprise

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Phani Madhav Chegu,

October 26, 2023

Salesforce Data Cloud – Empowering the Success of the New-age Enterprise

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It’s often said data is the new oil, and rightly so. Companies that have good, timely data can make the right decisions faster, and thereby achieve rapid growth. Proper use of data pertaining to customers goes a long way in comprehending their needs effectively, and thereby facilitates delivery of the perfect solutions to the needs delighting them. High-quality operational data provides the right insights to measure the efficiency of business processes and take appropriate steps to improve them. Likewise, accurate data allows organizations to make changes to their products to make them more customer-friendly. It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say the success of the business of the 21st century is a function of the quality of its data and its ability to utilize the data.

But how can you ensure you access the required data seamlessly and use it with high efficacy to meet your revenue goals? What does it take to leverage cutting-edge technological paradigms such as generative AI to maximize the efficiency of your people and cut costs considerably? You must use a robust platform that allows hassle-free collection of data from multiple sources in real time and use it with high levels of efficacy.

One of the most popular data platforms in the business world is Salesforce Data Cloud. Today, we’ll see what this solution is all about and how it enables your company to unleash the power of data to achieve success.

How Does Salesforce Data Cloud Enable Companies to Make the Best Use of Data?

Helps Bring in Data from Multiple Sources and Harmonize It Effectively

Today’s businesses need to access data from a plethora of sources; often, companies find it hard to unify and harmonize data gathered from a multitude of systems, resulting in the inability to use it in an effective, timely manner. The organizations also face issues in ensuring proper safety of the data and complying with various regulatory norms.

This problem can be resolved using Salesforce Data Cloud. The platform is fully integrated with other Salesforce solutions; this means you can get all the data you want from the multitude of clouds and Salesforce orgs. And all this data is stored at a single, centrally-accessible location enabling your people to access it without hassles.

You can also access data smoothly from non-Salesforce systems using Salesforce Data Cloud. The platform allows you to leverage a variety of connectors to enable smooth federation with external data platforms such as Snowflake, Google, Amazon Web Services and Databricks in a fully secure, compliant fashion; the novel Salesforce solution allows you to utilize zero-copy and zero-extract, Transform, Load (zero-ETL) approaches to share data and train AI models.

Leverages Cutting-edge AI-powered Analytics to Provide Right, Timely Insights

Salesforce Data Cloud is fully integrated with the Einstein 1 Platform, Salesforce’s AI-enabled analytics powerhouse. Data Cloud provides the foundation for the Einstein 1 platform and all Salesforce applications including Sales Cloud, Service Cloud and all industry-focused solutions. In September 2023, Salesforce announced Marketing Cloud and Commerce Cloud, two of its most widely used solutions, are now native on the Einstein 1 Platform.

Various other solutions of Salesforce including Flow, Lightning and Apex are native to Data Cloud. Users of the CRM system can now make more effective use of their business applications with cutting-edge AI, automation and analytics capabilities, without writing a single line of code. Tableau, a popular data visualization tool, can also be connected to Data Cloud natively, enabling users to analyze their data with just a few clicks and charting the right course of action with real-time AI-enabled insights.

Data Cloud powers Einstein Copilot, a new-age AI-driven conversational assistant, and Einstein Copilot Builder, a novel tool to develop and customize AI-enabled assistants. You can use Data Cloud to come up with a comprehensive graph that provides the big picture of a customer. And clients can send all pertinent information to the prompt with just a click, and the prompt then feeds the Large Language Model (LLM). You don’t have to take the trouble of manually sending SQL queries or creating data joins. More about this in a moment.

Enables Effective Usage of Generative AI

We all know the quality of the output provided by a generative AI tool is a function of the quality of the prompt supplied by the user; he needs to make sure the prompt includes all contextual information to get the desired result. For instance, the user may request the tool to draft an e-mail inviting a potential customer to his company’s annual celebration. But the text of the e-mail will be very generic if the prompt doesn’t include the name of the prospect, his designation, the organization he serves and other relevant information. A sales rep needs to collect all this information and type it manually to feed the LLM. With a typical B2B firm having several prospective customers, this can prove to be a very tedious task.

Salesforce Data Cloud helps resolve this problem very effectively. It allows users to integrate prompt to the output by sending all relevant data automatically to the LLM. In other words, it provides the context required to produce first-rate results.

Allows Full Compliance with Data Security and Privacy Norms

Salesforce Data Cloud helps you ensure your data can be accessed only by those who are permitted to access it. It enables you to completely adhere to privacy, information safety and data usage norms. This is especially important with LLMs that deal with proprietary data, as any violation of the norms could lead to serious consequences.

You can make sure your sensitive information is not used to train LLMs in the public domain. Data Cloud has a highly robust information security model. When you create a prompt from scratch or use a pre-built template to generate one, all relevant information is safely retrieved from Data Cloud. Before the information is sent to the LLM, all proprietary and confidential data is masked, and only then fed into the AI model through Salesforce’s secure data gateway. Salesforce strictly enforces a zero-retention policy ensuring your data is never stored outside Salesforce and will NOT be utilized to train the model.

Once the generative AI tool produces the output, you can conduct a series of checks to make sure it’s not biased and toxic. You can create a comprehensive audit trail of the interaction to know what data has been utilized to produce that output.

As you can see, Salesforce Data Cloud empowers you to make the best use of your data in a safe, timely and effective manner. At Solunus, we help you harness the tremendous power of this novel solution to achieve success. Our team of Salesforce experts has served companies of all sizes in diverse sectors. Its rich and varied experience coupled with our strong emphasis on comprehending your unique data requirements allows us to deliver the perfect solution to meet the requirements.

Hope you liked this post. How do you utilize your data to achieve your goals? We’d love to know.

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