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5 Top Tools for Cleaning Your Salesforce Data

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Phani Madhav Chegu,

April 5, 2023

5 Top Tools for Cleaning Your Salesforce Data

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Check out this interesting infographic to know about 5 widely used software tools that help you in cleansing the data in your Salesforce org.

We all know proper use of Salesforce data goes a long way in ensuring success and growth; the data helps organizations come up with highly effective marketing and sales campaigns. However, several businesses are unable to make good use of the data in their Salesforce databases because of its poor quality. A survey by Gartner revealed companies are losing $15 million, on an average, due to data quality related issues.

So, how can you ensure your Salesforce data is clean and of high quality? What does it take to formulate a robust data cleansing strategy? One of the most important aspects you must focus on is choosing the right tools that enable you to weed out incomplete, inconsistent, inaccurate and unnecessary records from your org. A good tool helps you implement data cleansing best practices with high efficacy and make sure only data of high quality resides in your Salesforce org.

5 Best Salesforce Data-cleansing Tools

As you can see, the 5 tools listed above help you clean your Salesforce org very effectively, thereby enabling you to enjoy data of excellent quality. At Solunus, we help you identify and implement the right Salesforce data-cleansing software effectively. Our experts are well-versed in formulating robust data-cleansing strategies; this ability, coupled with our rich experience helping companies of all sizes across industries execute data-cleansing best practices efficaciously, allows us to ensure your Salesforce data cleaning project is a grand success.

Hope you enjoyed this infographic. Which tools do you use to clean your Salesforce data. We’d love to know.

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