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The Story of 4 Financial Firms and Their Salesforce-powered Apps

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Phani Madhav Chegu,

September 5, 2023

The Story of 4 Financial Firms and Their Salesforce-powered Apps

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The banking and financial services sector is undergoing a dramatic transformation – the customer of the 21st century expects his financial institution to provide hyper-personalized solutions and deliver the right insights proactively to meet his goals. The millennial client demands consistent, high-quality engagement anytime, anywhere.

Most financial organizations are utilizing mobile apps to remain always connected to their customers and deliver seamless, high-quality services 24/7. Today, see how Salesforce is enabling 4 well-known financial services firms leverage the power of mobile apps to empower their people to work with high levels of efficiency and delight their customers. But first, let us have a brief look at Salesforce App Cloud, a robust platform that enables businesses to develop super-intuitive mobile apps to meet their needs with high efficacy.

What Is Salesforce App Cloud?

Salesforce App Cloud is a comprehensive suite of powerful, yet extremely user-friendly low-code tools that empowers businesses using Salesforce to develop mobile apps rapidly. The app development powerhouse is available as a Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) solution and lets you concentrate your energies on developing apps rather than building the required infrastructure to create them. Salesforce App Cloud helps you come up with innovative applications to connect social media, the mobile and the cloud to deliver delightful omni-channel customer experiences.

Let’s now proceed to see how 4 financial institutions utilized Salesforce App Cloud to develop mobile apps, quickly, with minimal use of resources.

1. Developing 5 Apps in a Couple of Months to Supercharge Productivity

A fast-growing banking organization based in Philadelphia saw the immense potential of mobile apps in empowering its team with the required information to carry out activities pertaining to management of vendors and contracts, formulation of business continuity plans and compliance with applicable statutes.

The company evaluated various app development platforms and finally zeroed-in on Salesforce App Cloud. The extremely low learning curve of the novel Salesforce solution and its high levels of flexibility and cost-effectiveness made it the perfect choice for the bank.

The bank’s two-member IT team used Salesforce App Cloud’s rich capabilities to develop 5 user-friendly mobile apps in just 8 weeks. The apps resulted in improving the efficiency of the financial institution’s team by almost 60% and resulted in reducing annual operational expenditure by nearly USD 150,000. No wonder, the leadership of the bank was very impressed.

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2. Creating a Best-in-the-class Mobile App to Facilitate Seamless Customer Self-service

A leading insurance firm headquartered in Los Angeles wanted to develop an easy-to-use mobile app that would enable its customers to find all the information they need about its products, pay premiums and apply for disbursal of claims, quickly, without hassles.

The organization looked for a suitable platform to develop the mobile app; it wanted to ensure the active involvement of its team of business experts who had little programming knowledge. Salesforce App Cloud was the natural choice as the platform enables even non-technical personnel to come up with apps tailor-made to meet specific requirements.

The insurance company leveraged the innovative features of Salesforce App Cloud to create a very powerful, yet customer-friendly self-service mobile app. The app saw the firm’s customer satisfaction levels shooting up by more than 45% – many clients called in the company’s executives appreciating the user-friendliness of the app. Could there be a better testimonial of customer delight?

3. Empowering a Small IT Team to Develop an App to Expedite Credit Decisions

A rapidly-growing bank in Boston that caters to the specific financial requirements of mid-income groups wanted to develop a mobile app that would enable its team to analyze customer data fast to make the right credit decisions without delays. The rapid onset of the COVID-19 pandemic led to a significant increase in demands for loans, compelling the bank to set a deadline of 15 weeks to create the comprehensive app.

The banking institution explored various solutions that would allow its six-member IT team to come up with the app within the deadline, and finally, decided to go in with Salesforce App Cloud. The decision was guided by the fact that the platform helps companies develop apps that are highly scalable, fully secure and easily maintainable.

The team used Salesforce App Cloud to build the mobile app in just 12 weeks. Now, the company’s executives make decisions backed by real-time data, 55% faster, on average, allowing the financial organization to extend credit rapidly to meet the needs of its clientele. A remarkable transformation indeed!

4. Helping Create a Mobile App to Provide 360-degree Insights to Customers

A Chicago-based wealth management firm wanted to redefine the way it did business using a mobile app – the company sought to provide its customer the ability to have the complete picture of his financial life on his smartphone with just a few clicks. The wealth management services provider intended to enable its clientele to set priorities in their lives, choose the right portfolio based on their unique needs and make the right spending decisions utilizing real-time data.

The firm assessed the capabilities of various app development platforms to come up with the right solution that can leverage the information in its Salesforce database in a seamless manner, making Salesforce App Cloud the ideal choice. Salesforce App Cloud also helped the financial organization customize the app with minimal effort and expenditure to meet its myriad of data management requirements.

The wealth management service provider’s team of 4 developers harnessed Salesforce App Cloud to create a mobile app that transformed clients’ interactions with the firm. Office visits were reduced by nearly 70%, and the company was able to increase its customer satisfaction scores by 50%. There was also another important benefit – the organization’s use of paper came down by as much as 90%. A truly green digital transformation – don’t you think so?

Thus, the four banks harnessed the capabilities of Salesforce App Cloud to maximize productivity and delight their customers. Would you too like to utilize the innovative platform to develop mobile apps to meet your business goals? Our team of experts will assist you in developing the perfect app that meets your specific needs with high efficacy. We’ve worked with many businesses in the financial sector to unleash the power of Salesforce App Exchange to take their growth story to the next level.

Hope you liked this post. How do you use Salesforce App Cloud? We’d love to know.

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