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The Tale of Two Salesforce GPTs – Marketing GPT and Commerce GPT

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Phani Madhav Chegu,

June 14, 2023

The Tale of Two Salesforce GPTs – Marketing GPT and Commerce GPT

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Salesforce continues its tryst with Artificial Intelligence (AI). The Customer Relationship Management (CRM) giant announced the launch of two cutting-edge tools based on generative AI – Marketing GPT and Commerce GPT. Marketing GPT will allow companies to automate the generation of highly-personalized e-mail messages, creation of audience segments and facilitation of hassle-free buying journeys. On the other hand, Commerce GPT will empower businesses to deliver perfectly-customized shopping experiences and provide offers that are fully tailored to meet their clients requirements leveraging GPT-enabled dynamic customer journeys.

What Makes the Launch of the Two Novel Products Very Significant?

Generative AI has unleashed a productivity revolution. Companies across the world are harnessing the immense potential of generative-AI-based solutions to drive efficiency at work. A report published by Salesforce reveals 60% of marketers believe generative AI will dramatically transform the way they work, while 71% opine the innovative paradigm will help them focus on more strategic works by automating mundane marketing tasks. The report also shows that while the marketing world is enthusiastic about adopting generative AI in a big way, many are concerned about the quality of data generative-AI-powered solutions will use; in fact, 63% of marketing organizations feel the solutions can be accurate and deliver the desired results only if they use data from trustworthy sources.

Marketing GPT and Commerce GPT go a long way in allaying the concerns of marketers about data quality. The two tools utilize highly reliable, first-party information stored in Salesforce Data Cloud. This makes the tools very effective in enabling companies to deliver seamless, ultra-personalized experiences to customers.

What Are the Key Features of Marketing GPT and Commerce GPT?

Cutting-edge Capabilities of Marketing GPT

Intelligent Segment Creation

This feature provides marketing organizations the ability to segment customers rapidly and target them with high levels of efficacy, utilizing natural language prompts and delivering hyper-customized product recommendations, using reliable information from Salesforce Data Cloud.

Smart E-mail Content Development

Marketing organizations can utilize this capability to reduce the workload of their content writers by automating the creation of highly personalized e-mail messages to clients. The feature also helps marketers test various versions of e-mail content and assess their ability to engage customers effectively.

AI-enabled Segment Intelligence for Data Cloud

This novel capability helps increase the ROI on marketing by helping firms connect first-party data with information pertaining to revenues and third-party paid media platforms to get the complete picture of customer engagement activities.

Rapid Identity Resolution, Segmentation and Engagement

Marketers can utilize this feature to deliver the right message to the right audience at the right time on the right channel. The feature can be used to automatically resolve client identities and refresh customer segments in Data Cloud to ensure very high levels of precision in targeting customers.

Typeface Generative AI Content Platform

The platform can be used to develop context-based graphical materials for campaigns on various channels very effectively, with little effort and expenditure, to suit specific brand voice, style and messaging requirements.

State-of-the-art Abilities of Commerce GPT

Goals-based Commerce

This feature allows firms to enhance merchant productivity in a big way by automating growth and customer conversion activities. It allows firms to set targets, and then, get comprehensive insights and real-time recommendations to achieve them. Goals-based Commerce leverages Data Cloud, Einstein AI, and Flow to provide the right recommendations to achieve desired results, ranging from increased margins to enhanced average order value.

Dynamic Product Descriptions

This innovative capability enables teams to automatically fill in missing information in product catalogs and come up with super-accurate product descriptions customized to the needs of each client, thereby enhancing customer satisfaction levels significantly.

Commerce Concierge

This capability transforms the way people shop by enabling firms to engage in hyper-personalized conversations to facilitate seamless discovery of products by customers. The cutting-edge feature harnesses the immense potential of natural language prowess of Commerce GPT to provide excellent buying experiences across a wide variety of digital channels.

As you can see, Marketing GPT and Commerce GPT go a long way in delivering hyper-personalized customer experiences with high efficacy. At Solunus, we help you make the best use of the latest innovations from Salesforce to delight your customers. Our team of experts has worked with companies of all sizes across the industry spectrum to enable them to unleash the power of novel solutions. This rich experience, coupled with our strong emphasis on comprehending your unique needs, allows us to deliver the perfect solutions to meet the requirements.

Hope you liked this post. How do you plan to use the two novel Salesforce products? We’d love to know.

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