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Slack Sales Elevate – Empowering Sales Teams to Maximize Productivity

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Phani Madhav Chegu,

August 31, 2023

Slack Sales Elevate – Empowering Sales Teams to Maximize Productivity

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As companies across the world grapple with the challenges posed by an uncertain economic environment, their sales departments are under intense pressure to deliver results and meet the growing expectations of the clientele. However, despite the headwinds, a recent study by Salesforce reveals most sales personnel spend just over a quarter of their working time actually making sales. The report shows they are mired in endless administrative tasks, which leave them with very little time to connect with clients. Needless to say, this badly affects their ability to close deals.

How can this problem be overcome? What does it take to free sales reps from the yoke of administrative duties and empower them to focus on understanding customer needs to sell successfully? One of the key aspects companies must focus on is to provide access to real-time data in Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems using tools that salespersons use most of the time – such as Slack – to improve their productivity.

Salesforce recently launched Slack Sales Elevate, a robust platform that brings data in Salesforce Sales Cloud right into Slack. Slack Sales Elevate helps supercharge selling productivity by marrying the capabilities of Slack with the power of Sales Cloud to enable salespersons to do things they are expected to do with perfection – interact with clients and close deals. Today, we’ll examine how the brand-new Salesforce product makes the job of sales teams easier than ever and helps them maximize sales revenues.

How Slack Sales Elevate Helps Your Reps Sell Efficiently and Drive Growth

Provides Everything Your People Need at a Single Place

It’s estimated a rep uses an average of 10 applications to make a sale – he needs to constantly juggle between the tools to collect the necessary information. No wonder his productivity takes a severe beating resulting in lower sales volumes.

Slack Sales Elevate helps resolve this problem very effectively. The innovative solution allows your salespersons to have everything they require to conclude deals at a single place – information pertaining to various metrics, a list of pending work items, the latest client updates and so on. Your sales team can get the right insights when they need them, and this goes a long way in helping them close more deals faster. Members of the team can stay fully on track, measure progress and take necessary steps to convert a potential deal into revenue dollars.

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Empowers Your Team with Notifications in Real Time

As we’ve seen earlier, sales reps perform a myriad of tasks; this often creates problems in keeping track of the tasks, affecting their productivity negatively. Sales teams need a robust tool that enables them to set priorities based on real-time data to sell effectively.

This need can be met with high efficacy using Slack Sales Elevate. Your reps can set automated alerts to get weekly reminders to update the sales pipeline. Managers of your sales teams can have a 360-degree view of data in your Salesforce databases enabling them to come up with hyper-accurate forecasts. You can also create customized notifications that automatically provide updates about changes to opportunities, thereby enabling everyone working on the opportunities to keep themselves abreast of the changes. You can set up the notifications in a matter of minutes thanks to the pre-built, no-code templates of Slack Sales Elevate.

Facilitates Easy Updates to Opportunities to the Salesforce System

We all know precise, timely forecasts play a key role in enabling successful selling. But because salespeople constantly travel and perform several activities to conclude many deals at any given point, they seldom find time for updating sales data and prepare accurate forecasts.

Your salespersons can use the Opportunities view in Slack Sales Elevate to update your sales pipeline rapidly, with minimal effort. They take a look at and log updates pertaining to an opportunity from the convenience of a spreadsheet-based view. Any modifications made in the spreadsheet-based view will be automatically reflected in the Salesforce org. The updated information in the Salesforce system allows sales managers to make the right, data-backed decisions, driving excellent revenue growth.

Enables Complete Visibility into and Effective Tracking of Sales Performance

It’s common knowledge companies that track the progress of their sales teams in a regular, effective manner often succeed in meeting their revenue goals. However, many businesses face problems in obtaining real-time data to assess the performance of their sales teams.

Slack Sales Elevate empowers you to enjoy full visibility into the performance of your reps in real time; you can get up-to-date information on the status of each deal and generate detailed quarterly reports indicating the progress made in the sales pipeline. You can also get timely information about the Annual Contract Value (ACV) generated for each client. Armed with this information, you can provide the right guidance to your team to close deals better.

As you can see, Slack Sales Elevate empowers you to maximize the productivity of your sales team and reach your revenue targets. At Solunus, we help you leverage the immense potential of the novel Salesforce solution to achieve selling success and rapid growth. Our team of Salesforce veterans has rich experience working with companies of all sizes across diverse industries to boost their revenues in a big way.

Hope you liked this post. How do you plan to use Slack Sales Elevate? We’d love to know.

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