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Salesforce Teams Up with Google to Unleash the Power of Cutting-edge Technologies

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Phani Madhav Chegu,

June 8, 2023

Salesforce Teams Up with Google to Unleash the Power of Cutting-edge Technologies

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Salesforce took a major step in expanding its partnership with Google, when the Customer Relationship Management (CRM) giant announced it would work with Google Cloud to leverage cutting-edge Artificial Intelligence (AI) and data analytics capabilities to enable firms to personalize customer experiences even better, by helping them gain deeper insights into client behaviors. The collaboration between the two technology behemoths will allow companies to run result-oriented campaigns very effectively, with minimal expenditure.

Why Is This Partnership Important for the World of Business?

A report by Salesforce shows nearly 4 in 5 corporate leaders earnestly consider data a key component in their decision-making process. However, more than half of them find the information in their organizations’ databases too complex and inaccessible to be of any use. The partnership will marry the analytics capabilities of Salesforce with the AI prowess of Google to overcome the challenge of data access and comprehension and enable firms to harness the full potential of data to ensure excellent experiences to their clients.

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What Are the Key Features of the Partnership?

The partnership paves the way for various game-changing developments including the following.

Integration of Salesforce Data Cloud and Google BigQuery

The seamless integration between Salesforce Data Cloud and Google BigQuery will empower businesses to develop a unified profile of each of their clients more easily. It’ll facilitate delivery of ultra-smooth, hyper-personalized experiences throughout the customer journey. Salesforce and Google Cloud will help businesses enjoy hassle-free access to data across all platforms and clouds, with the same comfort of having their information stored in a single location; the partnership will leverage state-of-the-art technologies to create a zero-copy and zero Extract, Transform, Load (ETL) framework that will go a long way in enabling companies to move or copy data with little effort and expenditure, while maintaining complete governance and trust.

Combination of Salesforce Data Cloud and Google Vertex AI

The partnership will help integrate Salesforce Data Cloud and Google Cloud’s Vertex AI to allow companies to import their own data models from the latter and utilize them across the Salesforce platform, thereby allowing the businesses to meet their specific requirements. For instance, the integration will power predictions about buying behaviors or a possibility of churn. It will provide zero-copy access to data for training AI models; companies can have real-time access to unified client information, which will prove very useful to streamline the development of the models. This, in turn, will help improve the precision and efficacy of forecasts and deliver better insights.

How Can Companies in Various Industries Utilize the Synergy Between Salesforce and Google Cloud to Provide Better Experiences to Their Clients?


A retailer can link the information in its Salesforce database with data outside the CRM system. For example, the retailer can connect data pertaining to past purchases and service interactions with customers to information about online activities of clients and perceptions about the organization on social networking platforms. Then, the business can leverage custom-built AI models that assess the chances of a customer making a purchase based on that data to deliver highly personalized product recommendations through the right channel.


A hospital can integrate the data in its Salesforce system with non-Salesforce data such as medical histories and demographic information of patients. It can then deploy tailor-made AI models that help identify patients who run the risk of getting readmitted – this allows the hospital to come up with personalized care plans for the patients and ensure better clinical outcomes.

Financial Services

A financial services company can combine its Salesforce data about a client’s transactions, credit score, and financial plans, with data related to market analyses or macroeconomic trends. Then, it can use AI models built specifically to predict the client’s spending, investment choices and financial goals to provide perfectly-personalized banking and credit solutions.

As you can see, the expanded partnership between Salesforce and Google will enable companies to leverage the combined power of Salesforce Data Cloud and Google’s novel solutions to meet their needs. At Solunus, we help you make the best use of the latest developments in the world of Salesforce to delight your clients and build lasting customer relationships. Our rich experience gained serving companies of all sizes in diverse industries coupled with our strong emphasis on understanding your unique business requirements helps us deliver the perfect solution to the requirements.

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About Solunus

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