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How Certinia’s Customer-centric ERP System Drives Success

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Phani Madhav Chegu,

June 15, 2023

How Certinia’s Customer-centric ERP System Drives Success

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The world of business is undergoing a dramatic transformation; as market conditions change at a rapid pace, companies across the world are being compelled to jettison their static business models to drive growth and remain competitive on an ever-evolving business landscape. Today, success weds those organizations that can spot and make the best use of new opportunities and proactively respond to constantly-changing expectations of their clients. This calls for the use of a powerful, yet highly agile Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) platform that helps deal with the dynamic business environment and adapt to the requirements of the clientele, quickly, with high levels of efficacy.

One of the widely-used ERP systems is Certinia. Formerly known as FinancialForce, this robust suite of applications enables companies to develop novel revenue models and maximize Client Lifetime Value (CLV). Certinia runs on Salesforce and allows you to seamlessly leverage various tools that come with the Customer Relationship Management (CRM) powerhouse such as Configure, Price, Quote (CPQ), Einstein AI and so on.

Today, we’ll examine how Certinia empowers the success of your organization by driving efficiency and growth.

Key Benefits of Using Certinia for Your Business

Right, Data-backed Decisions Can Be Made Faster

Certinia comes with a wide range of Business Intelligence (BI) tools that allow you to make the best use of real-time data across all customer channels and revenue streams to make the right decisions in a timely manner. The ERP platform allows you to leverage out-of-the-box datasets and customize dashboards and reports easily to meet your information needs effectively.

You can gain deep insights into your business at the click of a button thanks to the rich analytics capabilities of Certinia. The robust system eliminates the need to hire a team of data specialists and purchase expensive third-party analytics applications to utilize business data efficiently. You can access all your revenue and cost related information with ease and get a 360-degree view of your operations at a significantly lower cost compared to standalone BI systems.

The highly sophisticated, multi-dimensional analytical capabilities of Certinia help you analyze information at a granular level. The suite of ERP tools enables you to generate high-level and detailed views of each transaction and invoice with little effort to spot potential opportunities.

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Seamless Management of the Entire Customer Lifecycle

Staying on with decision making, you can use Certinia to capture key information at all client touchpoints; your sales reps, service delivery managers and finance personnel can access the same set of client, project and accounting data to get a clear understanding of income and expenditure-related indicators pertaining to each customer account, enabling them to make informed decisions.

Certinia enables you to have all data pertaining to a client’s orders, execution of projects and billing activities stored in one place. This will go a long way in expediting the generation of invoices and collection of revenues.

You can also leverage reliable, real-time data about your sales pipeline and opportunities across all streams of revenue, improving accuracy of forecasts considerably. This will allow you to identify clients that are highly profitable for various products, allowing you to maximize your margins and customer profits.

Top-notch Professional Services Automation

Certinia’s automation capabilities provide excellent visibility into your firm’s sales activities, delivery of services and financial position, enabling you to cut billing time and expedite recognition of revenues. The ERP system helps you harness the full potential of Salesforce to enhance customer satisfaction, deliver timely project updates and come up with super-accurate forecasts to increase profits.

You can ensure high levels of efficiency in each phase of your service delivery process, right from spotting opportunities to staffing to delivery of projects, through recognition of revenues by utilizing the powerful automation features of Certinia.

Unlike various automated point solutions, Certinia helps you handle your services business using the same system as the rest of your organization, reducing the total cost of ownership of your IT stack in a big way. It enables you to store service data in the same place as other business data, allowing hassle-free optimization of services metrics against KPIs of other businesses. This, in turn, helps increase revenues from cross-selling and upselling while enhancing IT value.

Excellent Support to Service-driven Revenue Streams

Most traditional ERP systems (or for that matter, even many SaaS based platforms) are mainly designed to support businesses dealing in physical products and cater to the needs of discrete manufacturers with a rigid, linear business process. Unlike these IT platforms, Certinia provides first-rate flexibility to deliver only services or a combination of services and products with high efficacy.

You can enjoy good support for a wide variety of pricing models including those based on subscriptions, fixed charges and contracts, by using Certinia. The novel ERP platform helps you ensure smooth, accurate closure of books.

Another key benefit of using Certinia is you can provide your clients a hassle-free, hyper-personalized billing and invoice experience, enabling them to process payments in a manner most convenient to them, leading to considerably reduced Days Sales Outstanding (DSOs) and customer delight.

As you can see, using Certinia helps you improve your efficiency, paving the way to enhanced customer satisfaction and profitability. At Solunus, we enable you to unleash the power of the innovative ERP platform to achieve business success. Our seasoned consultants utilize their rich experience in serving companies of all sizes in diverse industries to deliver the perfect solution to your unique needs.

Hope you liked this post. How do you use Certinia? We’d love to know.

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