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Generative CRM – What It Is and Why You Should Adopt It

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Phani Madhav Chegu,

May 30, 2023

Generative CRM – What It Is and Why You Should Adopt It

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I’m sure you’d agree generative AI is the most discussed topic in technology and corporate circles. The revolutionary computing paradigm has the ability to dramatically transform every facet of a business, ranging from internal communication to development of marketing strategies and sales to delivery of customer service. There is no function of a modern organization that will not be impacted by generative AI.

One of the key areas where generative AI holds great promise is the utilization of customer data. The innovative technological development enables firms to leverage the information in their Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems to drive productivity and growth. The immense potential of generative AI to help make the best use of CRM data is giving rise to a novel concept known as generative CRM. Today, we’ll examine what Generative CRM is all about and learn about its benefits to your business.

What Is Generative CRM?

Simply put, generative CRM is the application of generative AI to analyze customer data to enhance efficiency and provide better experiences to clients. Generative CRM can be used to automate the execution of tedious, mundane work, enabling your people to focus their energies on critical activities. The ability of generative AI to go through vast amounts of information on the Internet and provide relevant responses in a fraction of a second empowers members of your team to generate the right content that appeals to your clientele, quickly, with little effort. For instance, your personnel can come up with interesting blog posts based on data pertaining to past customer interactions in no time.

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What Are the Benefits of Adopting Generative CRM?

Generative CRM tools can be extremely useful by enabling you to research customer needs rapidly and providing the right information to prospects in real time. They can truly be a game-changer by enabling you to:

Personalize Customer Experiences Effectively

Personalization is the order of the day. You can leverage generative CRM tools to develop unique, contextually-relevant pieces of content for each prospective client to ensure high levels of personalization. The tools also enable you to send impactful messages to your customers that fully resonate with them, resulting in cementing relationships and improving brand loyalty significantly.

Enjoy High Levels of Scalability

For years, companies had a tough time in scaling up ‘traditional’ CRM tools to meet the needs of their growing businesses, and this resulted in increased pressure on their customer support departments. The advent of generative CRM systems resolves this problem; these systems allow firms to automate the delivery of customer service, leading to delivery of improved experiences to their clientele even as they continue to expand their operations and acquire new clients.

Reduce Labor Costs and Enhance Productivity Significantly

The incorporation of generative AI capabilities into CRM applications empowers firms to cut personnel costs considerably by automating mundane activities, such as providing responses to commonly-asked questions or drafting tailor-made marketing messages. Companies can free up their customer support and sales teams’ time, thereby enabling efficient use of their energies, leading to increased profits. More about this in a moment.

Enable Sales Teams to Focus on ‘Core’ Selling Tasks

Most salespeople often complain they spend the better part of their workday performing routine tasks such as answering customer queries. This leaves them with little time to focus on more important works such as prospecting customers, understanding their needs and coming up with a convincing sales pitch. This challenge can be overcome effectively using generative CRM. You can automate all less important, repetitive tasks enabling your sales personnel to concentrate their efforts on meeting more prospects and comprehending their challenges effectively. Needless to say, their productivity will be very high.

Ensure High Levels of Trust and Data Security

The importance of information security in generative CRM systems cannot be understated. Most developers of these novel IT platforms implement established guidelines to ensure the safety of data and build trust. While it’s true various generative AI tools such as ChatGPT leverage information in the public domain, generative CRM systems will make use of fully-secured confidential client data along with publicly-available data. This makes innovative CRM tools highly reliable for companies.

As you can see, generative CRM tools play a key role in empowering businesses to harness the immense potential of generative AI to improve their productivity in a big way. At Solunus, we enable you to make the best use of cutting-edge technological paradigms to boost your efficiency and increase your revenues. Our team of seasoned technocrats works with you to fully comprehend your unique requirements and develops the perfect solution that delivers the best value.

Hope you liked this post. How do you plan to use generative CRM? We’d love to know.

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