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6 Salesforce CPQ Implementation Sins

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Phani Madhav Chegu,

June 23, 2023

6 Salesforce CPQ Implementation Sins

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Yoshihiro is the IT director of a large consumer electronics company, based in Tokyo, Japan. Recently, his company migrated from a legacy Configure, Price Quote (CPQ) system to Salesforce. The company had very high expectations about the implementation and believed it would go a long way in streamlining the organization’s Quote-to-Order (Q2O) process. Unfortunately, the electronics manufacturer did not pay proper attention to developing a robust plan to migrate the data in the legacy system to Salesforce. This resulted in the inability of the company to enhance its quoting efficiency using the Salesforce solution. Making things worse, the productivity of the company’s sales reps plummeted to levels much lower than what it was when the legacy system was in use.

Adam is in charge of the IT department of a mid-sized manufacturer of automobile components, headquartered in Dearborn, Michigan, USA. A few months ago, the manufacturing firm implemented Salesforce CPQ. The company believed the implementation would enable it to offer innovative, highly flexible pricing models to its clients, who were facing problems due to vagaries in demand caused by an uncertain economy. However, the implementation turned out to be a total disaster, forcing the manufacturer’s sales team to come up with cumbersome, time-consuming pricing calculations manually. The company conducted a thorough analysis of what went wrong and found out pricing and discounting rules were not clearly defined.

Do these stories sound familiar? How can companies implement Salesforce CPQ successfully? What does it take to get the best value from the powerful Q2O management solution? They need to focus on avoiding 6 major mistakes. Here’s an interesting infographic that lists the mistakes and explains how they ruin a Salesforce CPQ implementation.

Salesforce CPQ - 6 Cardinal Implementation Sins

As you can see, by avoiding the 6 mistakes listed above, you can implement Salesforce CPQ very effectively. At Solunus, we help you make the best use of the novel Q2O management solution to meet your business goals. Our rich experience in empowering companies of all sizes to harness the immense potential of Salesforce CPQ enables us to deliver the best ROI on implementing the robust solution.

Hope you enjoyed the infographic. How do you plan to implement Salesforce CPQ? We’d love to know.

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