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5 Simple Tips to Establish a Strong Salesforce DevOps Culture

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Phani Madhav Chegu,

August 16, 2023

5 Simple Tips to Establish a Strong Salesforce DevOps Culture

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Jim is the IT manager of a well-known consumer appliances company based in Cypress, California, which uses Salesforce. Recently, the company adopted DevOps to enhance its Salesforce org. Unfortunately, the organization failed to convince its employees of the value that DevOps provides. This resulted in half-hearted participation of the employees in the DevOps project, and the lackluster response to the initiative resulted in the company not being able to harness the full benefit of implementing the novel software development philosophy.

Stefan is in-charge of a large automobile manufacturer based in Stuttgart, Germany. The firm has been using Salesforce for the last 6 years. Three months ago, it embarked upon a DevOps program to add a few new features to its org, in order to comply with a recently-enacted regulatory policy. However, the automobile manufacturer didn’t focus on educating its staff on various technical aspects associated with adopting the innovative software development paradigm; this resulted in several stalled Continuous Integration (CI) jobs, forcing considerable manual intervention. This defeated the very purpose of adopting DevOps i.e. automating the development of the software with high efficacy.

Do these stories sound familiar? How can you ensure the success of your Salesforce (or for that matter, any) DevOps project? You need to focus on various aspects, and the most important of these is fostering a solid culture of DevOps in your organization. Here’s a list of 5 proven best practices to develop a good DevOps culture.

Developing a Robust Salesforce DevOps Culture – 5 Aspects to Consider

Developing a Robust Salesforce DevOps Culture - 5 Aspects to Consider

Aspect 1 – Obtain Executive Sponsorship

As with any major organizational initiative, the success of the implementation of Salesforce DevOps hinges on the support from your firm’s management team. Make sure you spare no effort to explain the benefits of adopting the software development philosophy clearly to get the buy-in from the leaders of the firm.

Aspect 2 – Enable Hasle-free Collaboration

The basic idea behind a DevOps initiative is to facilitate seamless collaboration between various stakeholders. This requires you to establish highly effective channels of communication. Proper communication helps bust departmental silos and enables all stakeholders to interact and work together.

Aspect 3 – Impart Effective Training on DevOps

Remember, you can make the best use of DevOps only when your people have a proper understanding of various tools such as Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment (CI/CD). So, leave no stone unturned to equip your teams with the knowledge and skills needed to use DevOps with high efficacy.

Aspect 4 – Facilitate Proper Use of Automation

Automating various tasks in software development is central to the execution of a DevOps project. You must make sure to create the right environment to enable hassle-free automation. This will take some time, but will enable you to reap rich dividends by facilitating a flawless upgrade of your Salesforce system.

Aspect 5 – Learn the Right Lessons from Failures

The ability to learn from failures will go a long way in executing IT initiatives successfully, and the implementation of Salesforce DevOps is no exception. Develop a positive mindset of accepting failures and analyzing them thoroughly; this will help you determine the causes of failures and ensure they don’t recur.

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As you can see, by focusing on the aspects listed above, you can foster a good DevOps culture in your company. At Solunus, we help you make the best use of DevOps to enhance your Salesforce system to meet your dynamic requirements. Our veteran Salesforce experts have helped firms of all sizes across the industry spectrum fully leverage the novel software development paradigm. This rich experience, coupled with our proven ‘business-requirements-first’ approach helps us deliver the best ROI on your Salesforce DevOps program.

Hope you enjoyed this infographic. How did you foster a culture of DevOps in your organization? We’d love to know.

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