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5 Amazing Benefits of Using Version Control in Salesforce DevOps Projects

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Phani Madhav Chegu,

July 11, 2023

5 Amazing Benefits of Using Version Control in Salesforce DevOps Projects

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Kazushige is the IT manager of a large electronics manufacturer based in Osaka, Japan. Recently, his company embarked on a DevOps initiative to upgrade its Salesforce org. The company expected smooth execution of the DevOps project but the initiative soon ran into trouble due to lack of proper visibility — people working on the project had a hard time figuring out which parts of the code were due for release and learning about the status of work done in branches; this created confusion, preventing effective coordination, thereby defeating the very purpose of adopting DevOps.

Neil is in-charge of the IT team of a well-known life insurance firm headquartered in Brooklyn, New York, USA. Three months ago, his organization launched a DevOps project to enhance its Salesforce system to meet a recently-enacted regulatory policy. The company hoped the project would proceed in a hassle-free manner and the enhancement would be completed without delays. Unfortunately, the insurance services provider couldn’t manage code conflicts early on, and this caused serious problems during deployment. As a result, there was a significant overrun of time and cost. Neil had to shoulder the entire blame for the failure of the project.

Do these problems sound familiar? How can you ensure complete visibility of your Salesforce DevOps project? What does it take to execute the initiative without hassles? Among various factors you must consider, developing a robust version control framework is arguably the most important. Here’s an infographic that lists 5 key advantages of implementing effective, well-defined version control in your Salesforce DevOps program.

Benefits of Using Version Control in Salesforce DevOps Projects

As you can see, proper version control helps you provide complete visibility of code modifications and ensure smooth, successful completion of your Salesforce DevOps project. At Solunus, we enable you to use a robust version control mechanism; our rich experience working with companies of all sizes across industries and strong emphasis on understanding your development needs allows us to provide the right solution that facilitates effective execution of your DevOps initiative.

Hope you enjoyed this infographic. How do you use version control in your Salesforce DevOps projects? We’d love to know.

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