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5 Amazing Benefits of Using CI/CD to Upgrade Your Salesforce Org

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Phani Madhav Chegu,

August 23, 2023

5 Amazing Benefits of Using CI/CD to Upgrade Your Salesforce Org

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5 Amazing Benefits of Using CI/CD to Upgrade Your Salesforce Org

Over the last few years, the number of companies using DevOps to enhance their Salesforce systems is increasing exponentially and Salesforce users are no exception. A study reveals 83% of companies using the Customer Relationship Management (CRM) platform currently implement or plan to implement the novel software development philosophy.

The widespread adoption of DevOps stems from the fact it enables seamless coordination between various stakeholders of a Salesforce system upgrade project viz. development, IT operations, Quality Assurance (QA) and data safety, ensuring the success of the project.

One of the key elements in the execution of a Salesforce (or for that matter any) DevOps initiative is Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment (CI/CD). It involves techniques and automation tools that facilitate an agile-driven approach to software development. Here are 5 major benefits of adopting CI/CD to implement your Salesforce org enhancement program.

5 Key Advantages of Adopting Salesforce CI/CD

Key Advantages of Adopting Salesforce CI/CD

1. Accelerated Delivery of Enhanced Value

CI/CD allows you to speed-up workflows through the effective use of automation enabling rapid delivery, increasing the frequency of deployments, and most importantly, cutting lead time. You can minimize the workload associated with software releases and complete more projects in a given quantum of time.

2. Incremental Release of Software

It can be very frustrating to complete the entire project only to find out users haven’t really got what they wanted. CI/CD enables you to release software in an incremental manner. This allows the users to provide their feedback after each iteration and you can correct shortcomings, if any, in subsequent iterations.

3. Excellent Quality of the Final Product

You can improve release quality considerably, thanks to effective automation of testing that enables you to catch most bugs early on. CI/CD advocates release of software in small installments, which can be tested rapidly, with high efficacy. Needless to say, this will ensure the final product is of very high quality.

4. Quick Recovery from Mistakes

CI/CD will help you fix issues very fast. It takes less time to identify errors in a smaller release, and you can come up with a hotfix in a few hours to roll out the next release without delays. In case you are not able to determine the cause of a problem, you can roll back the release quickly due to its small size.

5. Continuous Improvement Is Facilitated

The high frequency of software releases allow you to test, modify and enhance your processes more often, and over a period of time, your team will master the techniques used to maintain a free-flowing pipeline. This will result in lower strain on your development team and enable continuous improvement.

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As you can see, adopting CI/CD will go a long way in facilitating the effective execution of your Salesforce DevOps initiative. At Solunus, we work with you to unlock the immense potential of CI/CD to add new features to your org, rapidly, with minimal effort and expenditure. Our rich experience gained serving companies of all sizes in diverse sectors coupled with a proven ‘needs-first’ approach allows us to deliver the best ROI on your Salesforce DevOps program.

Hope you enjoyed the infographic. How do you plan to use CI/CD? We’d love to know.

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