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10 Interesting Facts About ChatGPT in 2023 (and Counting)

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Phani Madhav Chegu,

May 9, 2023

10 Interesting Facts About ChatGPT in 2023 (and Counting)

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ChatGPT – a sensational AI-powered paradigm that has created (and is still creating) ripples in the worlds of technology and business. The novel tool has been the subject of numerous discussions and debates, ranging from its usefulness to applications in various sectors and the changes it’d usher in to the loss of jobs in the IT sector and beyond.

Notwithstanding the differing opinions of analysts, there is a consensus on one thing about the AI-enabled tool – it’s here to stay and going to only get better with the passage of time.

Today, we’ll look at 10 interesting facts about this innovative application. Let’s get started.

Fact 1: ChatGPT Was Used by More Than 1 Million Users Within 5 Days of Its Release

ChatGPT became an instant hit when it was released in November 2022. The cutting-edge tool crossed the 1-million users mark in just 5 days. It took Facebook more than 2 months to achieve this feat, while Spotify could acquire a million users in 5 months. Another widely used product, Netflix, could boast of a million users only after 3.5 years. ChatGPT became immensely popular very quickly indeed!

Fact 2: The Net Worth of OpenAI, ChatGPT’s Developer, Doubled in Just 2 Years

An article by The Wall Street Journal stated the net worth of OpenAI is estimated to be nearly 29 billion USD, citing unnamed sources. The net worth of the company was reported to be approximately 14 billion USD in 2021. In other words, its net worth increased by more than 100% in a short span of 2 years; the phenomenal growth indicates the tremendous potential of the products developed by the San Francisco based organization.

Fact 3: Investors of OpenAI Can Earn Up to a Maximum of 100 Times on Their Investment

OpenAI follows a ‘capped’ profit structure that doesn’t allow its investors to earn a profit of more than 100 times their investment in the firm. This is done to ensure the organization stays true to its mission of developing safe, society-friendly AI products and doesn’t have to obey all diktats of its investors.

Fact 4: ChatGPT Was Fed with 570 GB of Textual Data

ChatGPT analyzed more than 570 GB of text on the Internet to gain a deep understanding of the natural human language. The volume of data is equivalent to over 1.3 million books or three times more than the text stored in all of the Library of Congress, the largest bibliotheca in the world.

Fact 5: ChatGPT Provides More Than 100 Million Answers on Various Subjects

A new record was established earlier this year when ChatGPT provided more than 100 million answers to questions on a wide range of topics. If the text of all these answers were to be combined, it would require an area equivalent to 20 times the size of the Library of Congress.

Fact 6: ChatGPT Passes the US Medical Licensing Examination (USMLE)

History was made when ChatGPT passed the USMLE, achieving a 60% accuracy in its answers, without any assistance of a human clinician. The exam consists of 3 standardized tests and aspiring medical professionals need to clear the tests to obtain a license to practice. ChatGPT’s achievement raises new hopes of utilizing AI for effective diagnoses and treatment of various ailments.

Fact 7: GPT-4 Scores in the 90th Percentile in the Uniform Bar Exam

GPT-4, the latest version of the AI-enabled multimodal large language model on which ChatGPT-4 is based, passed the Uniform Bar Exam with flying colors, scoring in the 90th percentile. The exam is designed to evaluate the abilities every attorney must be capable of demonstrating before obtaining a license to practice law. The achievement is seen by many in the legal fraternity as the first step in paving the way for the use of AI in the judiciary.

Fact 8: 176 Billion Parameters Were Used to Train ChatGPT

Nearly 176 billion parameters were used to train ChatGPT. This required an enormous number of powerful Graphical Processing Units (GPUs). A study shows that eventually the developers of ChatGPT will require more than 30,000 NVDIA GPUs in the near future to train the AI-empowered tool.

Fact 9: GPT-4 Is 40% More Likely to Produce Factual Responses than GPT-3.5

GPT-4 is likely to be 40% more accurate and factual than GPT-3.5, used by ChatGPT-3. OpenAI leveraged more feedback from people, including feedback provided by users of ChatGPT, to enhance the quality of GPT-4’s responses.

Fact 10: GPT-4 Is 82% Less Likely to Respond to Requests for Disallowed Content

GPT-4 is 82% less likely than its predecessor to provide responses to disallowed content. The developers of the model have issued guidelines to users asking them not to use the tool for generating content pertaining to certain unlawful activities such as drug abuse, child and human trafficking and so on. Failure to adhere to these guidelines may result in suspension or termination of a user account.

These facts clearly bring out the immense potential of ChatGPT to transform our world. The revolutionary paradigm is still in its nascent stage of development and one can only wonder what it’ll be able to do in the next few years.

Hope you liked this post. What do you think will be the impact of ChatGPT in the days to come? We’d love to know.

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